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My love for CSI and it's trip to America...


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Hey! *waves*


Some of you know I'm in America right now! And I'm having a wicked ass time. The CBS shop in NY was closed as it was holiday weekend. But I still have ALOT of CSI goodies and what not... however getting them home woulda been a task, so I made sure we had them in the UK... safe to say I'm going straight to Toys 'r' Us to get everything!


You can get a CSI lab where you can investigate some cases, and then an ID kit... ALSO a facial reconstruction kit too!! For now I'm just going to get the stuff here I know I can't get in the UK... the posters, mugs, comics, clothes, hats....etc etc.


But I want to tell you about my favourite CSI thing so far.


My Grissom Teddy.


Hell yeah, I have a Grissom Teddy. He has a baseball cap, a little jacket for his gloves and stuff, black shirt, pants and shoes... AND a little GMC Denali too. My mate has a Timmy Teddy. He has this punky ass shirt, cargo pants, these groovy shoes and a mobile phone. I want to make him a Miami-Dade badge though and a little gun. Grissom just needs a kit... but we can make that too.


What else... OH I found a sweat band that says "I heart Nerdy Boys" My tribute to Grissom... hahhaa.


Talk sooon and I'll show you all pictures of my teddy :)



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yeah :angry: been looking forward since Sept lol


probs not cause Rach wants to join the army in the summer and that's the next time I get annual leave :angel:


love to come visit! but we already know there are no chea flights from Cardiff-Amsterdamn, meh :D


Luv sah xx

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Sure, you're more then welcome.

Let me know when exactly it is.

I'll probalby have to work some ot the time, but I've got a computer and internet (obviously) and CSI games you can play.

And 2 cute cats :)

(I hope you're not allergic)

And Amsterdam is only 30 minutes by train,should you want to go shopping or sightseeing.

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Even though you can't go now, I know you'll go eventually.

I've wanted to go to Vegas for a long time before I finaly got to go (and was sick while I was there sad.gif)

But I'll know I'll go again :lol: (And I will not eat a cheesedog again either)

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That's a pretty good song. But, you've copied it from Neighbours the theme tune. Hmmmm, oh well!


That was the point lol


And as BT suggests


VEGAS everybody needs LAS VEGAS with a little undertsanding we can solve almost any crime, that's when good CSIs become good friends


now for miami actually had a better idea


All you scoudrels, all you villains Grissom moves fast and is not kidding, Gangsters, hoodlums, thefts and robbers, Brass gets there and crime gets clobbered. Grissom and Brass - the Crimebusters of LV - Grissom and Brass they solve any mystery. So watch your step all you crooks, Brass is an expert with his handcuffs, murderers and thievies in LV, Grissom makes sure they don't go free. Grissom and Brass - the Crimebusters of LV - Grissom and Brass they solve any mystery.


Bonus points for naming the original theme tune

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