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Got reasonably excited when I started reading this topic, then less so as I seen the dates.....


I've only got into Comics (very) recently but really enjoying them. As a noob (and an OCD one at that) its hard to find good points in the timelines in which to start from that more experienced folk may take for granted.


I spoke to a great guy at Forbidden Planet who put me onto Avengers Civil War and I loved it. The only down side is at £18.99 for an hours read I feel a bit used and abused for my cash but I understand Amazon may be about half the price which seems fairer going forward.


Love the Avengers so might read along those lines but really interested in so many more above, but costs are a big issue as I'd love to try so many different characters and see what sticks with me. I like the larger collection books too as at least I can get my teeth into them and not be done after 5 mins.

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ok thought i'd start this topic because i love reading good quality comics and graphic novels and i just wanna read all the great stories, im like galactus with his never ending hunger! So whats some

Preacher and Batman are wicked. Love Miller's work in general - the darker Elektra tales are a wicked twist on the Daredevil verse. I'm more a Marvel than a DC girl (don't hate me <if that's possi

Fables is astounding, simply one of the best comics ever. That said, almost anything by Bill Willingham is worth a look.

Ive started reading some Marvel NOW! series recently, Thanos Rising, Guardians of the Galaxy, NOVA, all cool stuff. But the one I would highly recommand is Savage Wolverine, by Frank Cho (first six issues)


S.H.I.E.L.D is impressive too (the one with Leonard Da Vinci)


and if you are a Star Wars fan, you have to read Dark Times !

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Just sorting through my huge comic collection to see which I really want to keep and which will go into my new business. I am also finding partial story runs where I want to fill the gaps for my own collection. I am shocked at how many comics I have collected in the last 20 years.

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