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Fave Person you have meet


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Well I think its hard to pick a fav....but


Amber was really funny, had me and my best mate laughing so much most of the ppl in the cue and around us was laughing too---she called my mate a bitch, just for jokes(I think), lmao....


I have meet Anthony so anytimes now, but each time I go, I give him a rose, and he ALWAYS remembers me and calls me a sweetheart everytime..


Danny Strong, really sweet man, brilliant, tlked to him for ages.


And then there was the time when we got Iyari Limon to call my mate in wales who couldnt make it and she kindly left a voice message, that was really great!!!

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From Angel/Buffy i have met


Eliza Dushku :YAHOO: - tops - best guest ever

James Marsters

Nicholas Brendon

Charisma Carpenter

Alexis denisof

Julie benz

Andy Hallett - R.I.P

Amber Benson

Nathen Fillon

Anthony Head

Leonard Roberts

Adam Busch

Clare Kramer

Armin shimmerman

Juliet Landau

Mercedes Mcnab

DB Woodside

Mark Metcalf

Adam Baldwin

Elizabeth Rohm

Sam andersen


the dude :unsure:

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I have met:

Amber Benson - Tara

Anthony Head - Giles


and the best one I ever met was JAMES MARSTERS because I had a decent chat with him at the end of the day a few years ago before he did torchwood and he called me beautiful so am happy and proud to have met him and his autograph is one of my all time favourites

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Oh thats difficult to say, they all were so nice.


I´ve met:


Anthony Stewart Head (twice) -> he`s so nice and polite like him very much

Amber Benson -> she´s so sweet and naturally

Julie Benz -> so beautiful and nice

Tom Lenk -> shy but a Sweety

Clare Kramer (twice) -> I like her she´s so nice!

Andy Hallett -> met him four years ago and he was so nice -> Rest in Peace Andy - miss you

Christian Kane -> very cool guy

James Marsters (three times) -> he´s so sweet and he always flatters me

Mercedes McNab -> she´s a nice girl

Nicholas Brendon -> he´s a good guy

Mark Lutz -> really cool guy


So when I look at the list I have to say my favourites were James, Anthony, Amber and Clare.

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I've met:


Alyson Hannigan

Nic Brendon

Emma Caulfield

Danny Strong

Tom Lenk

Adam Bush

Tony Head

Julie Benz

Mark Metcalf

Juliet Landau

James Marsters

Brian Thompson

Eliza Dushku

DB Woodside

Amber Benson

Kali Rocha

Stacey Scowley

Kelly Donovan

George Hertzberg

Lyari Limon

Nathan Fillion

Camden Toy

Alexis Denisof

Andy Hallet

Charisma Carpenter

Armin Shimmerman

Mercedes McNab

Robia LaMorte

Elisabeth Rohm

Mark Lutz

Alan Tudyk

Morena Baccarin

Jewel Staite



Kinda hard to say who was my favourite, i think it will have to be between 3 people:


Eliza - I met her on my birthday and she asked me how my day was going and wished me a happy birthday. Then she turned my necklace clasp round and said "make a wish!" She was lovely.


Amber Benson - met her 5 times now and everytime she seems lovely and chatty and genuinely interested and grateful that you care about her work


Camden Toy - he was really quiet and had a nice chat about how the mechanics of the gentlemen worked and about all the make up he had to endure. Wish i could meet him again.

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I am very jealous of most of you for meeting so many.


I have met

Mercedes McNab (Met 2010)

James Masters (Met 2007)

Charisma Carpenter (Met 2007)

Anthony Stewart Head (met 2011)

Mark Lutz (met 2007)


They all were soo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of them spoke about my name lol. (its siobhan nothing special)

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Wow, I'm seriously lacking, but that's hardly surprising as I didn't even get into the show until 2005.

So far I've met :


* Mercedes McNab

* Anthony Head

* Arim Shimerman (saw him, didn't actually meet him)


I'm really hoping to meet more in the future, fingers crossed.

I acted like a star-struck fool when I met Tony Head, guess it was just kind of weird to meet Giles in person, lol


I honestly don't think there's a week that goes by where I don't watch at least one episode, obsessed isn't the word for it.

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My friend met Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie a few years back when she was in London for the opening of the Harrods sale...said she was nice and signed a Buffy scrip for them but she said that was when she was kind of 'don't associate me with Buffy' lol.


Jealous doesn't even begin to describe how I feel lol.

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Met Alexis Denisof. I was impressed by humble he was, like he was genuinely pleased to be invited to meet his fans.

Have also met Juliet Landau, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, Mercades McNab and James Masters amoungst a few others.

While I'm here, I'll just say wouldn't it be nice to see more Buffy/Angel guests at Showmasters events? 

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