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I used to own a pink shell suit.


Who remembers them??


I seem to remember they were very unsafe around fire.


Eeek one spark and Pfftt, you would have been like a roasted marshmallow.


So, OWN UP, who used to have one, who still has one LOL.



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I had one!!!! It was bright green and...can't remember what other hideous colour!!!


BUT it was bloody well stolen from my locker at the local swimming pool! I was totally gutted :lol::unsure:


Oh those were the days!


Haha, my mum actually still has one hidden away somewhere! I think I ended up putting it on at Christmas when drunk...oh the shame! Not only was it a shell-suit, but I was dressing up in my own mother's clothes!


KILL ME! :unsure:

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I had two!!!! A flourecent pink one and a green and purple one!


There's even a picture of me wearing the pink one lying about here somewhere. When I find it it will be BURNT!!!!! :firedevil:

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I had a few actually, god can you remember how one of the leg linings would always get twisted and then you spent hours trying to get in it.


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when I was young I also had a puff dress and a ra ra skirt!!!! :D this was in the 80's mind, everyone had them!

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