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Post your photos here!!!!

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lol I rather just get it out the way, well the basic pictures anyway. I got LOTS of work to do over the next few days as I am going to Scotland on Thursday but have a project due in on Wednesday which I have just about started lol

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Well first i have to say its been one of the best days ever.


Got there about 12 and went at 3,


met some really nice people, esp the guy at the 10th planet stall, he was buying the classic superstars 4 and i had a yoko i was gunna buy but as he only collected classics so i let him have it and my parents bought me some different things insted.


all in all i bought:


ra 11 eugene cena booker (£10 each insted of £13) IE paul heyman (£10) a v p celtic and skar predators (£10 each insted of £12.99) ra 8 Kurt angle £2, ra 7.5 or whatever austin (x2) £2 each, and i got a promo and rvd ra9 figure signed(£15)


*il have some pictures of my buys up tomorrow.


Pics of some of the alien props










my mate with nick frost




ive got a better pic of me and rvd poseing buy i look s*** in it :D

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how do you put your pics in here???

You upload your photos onto the Internet. Then you find out where it is located (the images URL). Once you know that you make a new post. Click on the IMG button (above the large text box) and type in the images URL.


The forum will only accept certain file types though (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif etc.


Hope that helps!

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Nah it hasn't helped im thick with things like that, can I send it to someone?? It's a pic of that dreaded woman that worked with Carl Weathers thought everyone would like to know what she looked like so if she is doing C7 or LFCC 3 we can advoid her please let me know if anyone will post it for me cause I aint got a clue about posting pics on the net.

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