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Billy Dee struck me like he wasn't firing on all cylinders. Slow to sign his name. He responses were slow in comming and stunted.


I'm confused.


Didn't bother with anyone else. Queues were too long or too long to wait. When I left Carrie Fisher was upto no 1000. She looked fed up aswell. Glad I didn't bother.


Was going to go and see Mr Dorn and ask him to sign it with a quote from ST Next Gen 'I am not a merry man' but having read about his less than happy demeanor, I would probably have got smacked one!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have to say that the guests I met were great. I did not meet any Trek guests so I cannot comment. But I did meet Nck Brendan and I have to defend him for the following reasons:


1. He was one of the popular guests as the usual Buffy fans turned out. I know this as I am one and I knwo numerous people who were there.


2. His choice not to pose for photos is his one to make and until we know why then you cannot judge him.


3. The guy is currently in recovery from an alcohol problem which he openly talks about, and did with my friend and myself as he is very proud he is clean form the drink. He discussed a band that he liked as my friend had a patch on his jacket with their name on. Nick came out about his personal demons at a huge convention in the States and also in Blackpool and I respect him for it. He would have had every reason to cancel both convention appearances and this one at Collectormania but he did not. He stayed true to his fans and appeared and signed. Just because he did not wish to pose for photos does not make him up himself as some people at MK said.


Apart from that, all the guests I met were great!!!


Father Coop....he defends the innocent!!

I totally agree, it really is his choice not to have photos, no one should say bad things about him beacause of that. I thought he was lovely :D

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Okay, I'll stick up for the people who have a no photo rule. It didn't bother me re the Nick Brendon rule, and I took photos of him signing, so was more than happy. However, I can then follow this with the bad points: I attended C5 and decided to get an autograph off Gates McFadden because the money raised was going to charity. There was a sign up saying no photos, yet she was posing with everyone who went for an autograph, when I got to the front I asked if I could take a photo, and she seemed quite disgruntled to allow me, but agreed. So, it's either no posed photos, or it's posed photos with anyone who asks for one.


The other point is about Danny Strong and Tom Lenk. I personally didn't have much to say to them, so again, can't comment on whether they were rude or not (I am quite happy to speak to the guests when I have something to say to them). However, what would have been nice is if they had both stood up when having a photo taken, I looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame because I had to lean down to be in the same shot as them.


Nic Brendon, it would have been nice if he had at least made eye contact.


Michael Dorn, was very quiet, perhaps a little too quiet.


Adam Busch, whilst very chatty, only seemed interested in promoting his band and the shows they were doing, and quickly lost interest when I said I wasn't attending any of them.


The friendliest for me were (in no particular order):


Dwight Schultz

Sam Jones

Marina Sirtis

Julie Caitlin Brown (very funny)

Nathaniel Lees (had a brilliant chat with him)

Royd Tolkien (another nice chat)


I understand that some of them are shy, but at the same time want to meet their fans. However, in order to keep their fans, they have to at least acknowledge that there is someone standing in front of them first. I'm sure that they meet some very strange people in their industry, so they have to be wary not to encourage the fans too much, but again, not everyone falls into that category, and eye contact at least tells us they have noticed us.


I've met some fantastic guests at SM events, and thankfully the "rude" one's are few and far between. My overall unfriendliest guest doesn't even come from this event, but from C4 (I think), and that has to be Peter Weller. There is absolutely no way that I would encourage anyone to meet this jumped up little twit who obviously still believes he is an A list actor, and therefore we are beneath him.


E :D

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Gotta say and this is gonna kill me as a big SW fan but BD Williams was abit of a t!t he took the photo of the asst next to him wrote on it whilst all the time talking to someone behind him i asked for a photo which he said yes (which i applaud him for) then i said thanks he carried on talking to the person again without saying a word in reply, hello reality check if it wasnt for us you wouldnt be where you are now. It just seems he wasnt interested at all.

As for Carrie i saw her sun morning bout 11 and she was very pleasant and said "thanks for coming" just 3 little words like that arent hard and makes the paying person feel a bit better.

Best guest to many to chose but Dirk Benedict springs to mind he had a photo with me which was cool especially as it said NO PHOTOS (so did Dwight) we had a little chat he said how suprised and honoured he felt for being here and couldnt believe the support for him and others and then said thanks for coming and thanks for watching the show. This is someone who appreciates that we keep him where he is now ;)

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Best guest to many to chose but Dirk Benedict springs to mind he had a photo with me which was cool especially as it said NO PHOTOS (so did Dwight) we had a little chat he said how suprised and honoured he felt for being here and couldnt believe the support for him and others and then said thanks for coming and thanks for watching the show. This is someone who appreciates that we keep him where he is now ;)

I can't believe you got a photo. I was devastated when I got there and saw the sign for no posed photos, as I missed out meeting him on Friday, when it wasn't there, due to him being so popular.


I wanted a photo so badly, but was afraid to ask, as someone told me it was due to the guest request the sign went up, so I didn't want to rock the boat.

I am gutted though, to learn that he still posed for photos...SM...you just HAVE to get him back now...and while your're at it...bring back Richard Hatch and Dwight Schultz :o

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All the guests I met were friendly to some ( sometimes small ) extent .


I met :-


Carrie Fisher - there were no posed photos , but for the person I let in before me she sat looking into the camera for about a full minute and posed for what would have been a fantastic photo , then it came to me , she was very polite , fairly quiet , I posed for the photo but as it was taken she looked the other way ( shame ) , then I said nice to meet her and she said the same back and shook my hand .


Billy Dee Williams - not very talkative , but polite , signed my pic after asking if it was to be personalised , posed for a photo, then thanked me after I thanked him .


Sam Jones - very friendly , seemed really nice , stood up and posed for a photo with me - I really enjoyed meeting him .


Dwight Schultz - friendly , funny , had a bit of a talk , I thanked him and he did the same in return , saying it was a pleasure to meet me - another of the better ones .


Nathaniel Lees - really chatty and friendly , stood up and posed for photos , asked me which other LOTR people I had met and talked about them - great .


Sala Baker - always friendly and even though tired from flying in previous day still made an effort , posed for great photo - one of Collectormania's best guests .


Royd Tolkien - friendly , talkative , enjoyed himself and put a lot of effort into meeting fans .


Kenny Baker - puts a lot of effort into signatures , little drawings etc. , nice man .


Peter Mayhew - fairly quiet , but I believe he was unwell when I met him - sat and waited over a minute while I got my camera working - not bad .


Nick Brendon - polite , didn't say much , I enjoyed meeting him but not a lot of contact really ( I choose to believe that he was trying to get to see more of his fans than just trying to get more money ) , I think quite shy and maybe a little wary ( ? ) .


Danny Strong - friendly , neither of us had much to say but I think he would have been OK if I had asked him a question .


Adam Busch - talkative , trying to get us to go to see his band in Manchester on Monday , quietened when I jokingly said that I would have to see what they sounded like first - seemed nice .


Tom Lenk - friendly , but fairly quiet - a lot quieter than confident Andrew from Angel :o


Jeremy Bulloch - always a nice man , friendly and talkative .


Dave Prowse - friendly ( I have met him before and this is the friendliest I have seen him ) .


Walter Koenig - nice but fairly quiet , very polite , never asked me where the Nuclear Wessels are , but must have known I wouldn't tell him ;)


No bad experiences really , but some not as good as I would hope - on the whole positive .

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Yep, :D I too found Michael Dorn to be less than friendly, but later, whilst waiting for Brent Spiner an agency photog asked Marina, Michael and Brent to pose together, and Marina, ;) having satisfied herself that he was ok, got the boys together.

Earlier, I'd chatted with Marina about her current projects, enjoyed soccer conversation, so when my friends asked her to get the three to turn our way and pose, she stayed behind Michael and brought Brent back into frame. :D

Here is the fun part, Michael would not turn and face camera, :o good girl Marina, slapped and chastised Mr Dorn...and I have a really kewl shot of Michael (smiling), Marina(laughing) and Brent(grinning)...and Marina accomplished this by pointing out to Michael these fans were her countrymen....show them respect...he did. :D


But, in defence of Michael Dorn, he was at a recent event and spent three days going out of his skin to be the life and soul of the party, he was determined to do the best he could for British charity.

Clearly, Michael Dorn is a true actor....totally emotional and a pain in the reticule...but with motive (darling) he is on the case. ;)


Julie Caitlin Brown, lovely lady :D ...Walter Koenig...such a gentleman..eager to talk about B5...the REAL Alfred Bester and other stories :D ...Dwight..fab guy ...and Brent Spiner...so jolly, full of fortitude and treated every fan like an old friend......you don't suppose Data killed the real Brent and replaced him???? :D Finally, Richard Kiel, so obliging...he was a star.


Mr Mayhew ....well...my old friend Monica who resides in Salt Lake City was his desk assistant last year at a US convention, Monica is retired, he made her life a misery. Nothing she did pleased him, as she said herself, "if I had not met you Brits in Vegas I would have thought he was typical of your country....boorish, ill mannered and no gentleman" Lets be fair...He has got health problems due to his height, his legs are not what they should be.


My appreciation :D to all the Showmasters folk who have made my last two years attending your events such a real pleasure, I first came on my own...now I bring over 15 friends...you treat us and our celluloid heroes with great respect.


Great respect to and yours,


Blessings From The Great Maker,



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I find if you treat the guests how you'd like to be treated in their situation they will be more receptive.

These people (yes people )have jet lag, or have been doing this for so long that it gets a little tiring but its a way to make money. they are signing hundreds if not thousands of photos. Ever hear of repetative strain injury. Give them a break!


In my understanding guests who go to events /conventions either get payed a fee then all signing money goes to the event. or they dont get payed a fee and make their money from their signings. Now i know Collectormania pay them fees, so the money off the autographs proabably goes to the SM. Most likely its SM who set the prices for the autographs aswell (probably to recoop the money payed in the fees as well as obviously make a profit -This is a business they are running. They pay their crew and the hotels for the crew and guests. the money has to come from somewhere.)


The guests especially the popular ones were from what i saw were run off their feet. they got few breaks and when they did they were stalked. No wonder Nick Brendon had bodyguards! Hes a very shy man, who has suffered from a stutter and also alcholism (which he has been very open about -good on him for that) Tom Lenk is also VERY shy. I met him 2 years ago and could see that.

Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams signed over 1000 autogrpahs on the saturday alone, It was just as busy on the sunday. Do you really expect them to stop and chat with everyone who comes upto them, considering the amount of people who wanted just an autograph. if they had as like Billy Boyd who only got through 350 by the saturday and had alot of dissapointed people left without an autograph, because he would stop and chat with everybody, or just be slow, then they would never have got through everybody. The crew see the importance of trying to make sure everybody who wants an autograph gets one., hence the cattle herding feeling.

There is a fine line between just signing as many autographs as possible and spending time with each fan who comes up to them. They do their best, but they cant make everybody happy. They may be actors, but they also just people trying to do the best they can for fans. Certainly sometimes you can get an actor whoes personality doesnt work well with fans and then you get actors who work very well with fans.


I found the actors who werent busy were the friendliest as they had plenty of time to chat to anyone who came up them, but even the busy actors tried their best to be pleasant to everybody.

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Another good reason for writing your name on a note and giving it to the star is the problem of accents. Most of the time it is much easier to copy a name from a note than understand (and risk offending) a fan who you may not understand/clearly hear the name they are giving you.


I was lucky enough to be the second person to see Nick on Friday and found him very pleasant. I was getting his auto for a friend and asked him if he would mind if I took his photo whilst he signed so I could prove to my friend I had seen him. He was perfectly happy for me to do so. I would love to see him again!

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I found Tom to be shy, but not rude. He said 'hi how are you' and so I babbled and said something like 'i think you're the best Buffy character' and he smiled and said thank you and I got a hug and a pic. I think he's just very shy when meeting fans.


Nick was nice also - I was rushed through but that didn't stop me thanking him for being on Buffy and being so awesome and getting a hug. Hee.

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I'm afraid it hass to be Bob Anderson, who refused to pose for phtots without autographs and didn't talk to us except to try and persuade us to spend money we didn't have on his auto...plus he was not the most coherant of folk.... :lol:

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