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Regarding tickets!!!!!!!

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Hi guys,


I have asked one of my friends in MK to ask Showmasters about tickets, in particular for those who have not yet recieved them.


The advice that I was given was that tickets were sent out via recorded post, if you have not recieved your tickets, then when you arrive at MK go to the organisers Booth, next to Costa Cafe. They will then sort out any queries you have.


On top of this I would also reccommend that you take confirmation emails if you have them or any bank statements showing that payment has been taken.


With any other queries again see them at the Organisers booth and they will sort you out.


I know this is not a response directly from the Showmasters, but this is something that I have got from them, via someone else who has spoken with Showmaster Andrea directly. I think this will be the best I can get, unless the Showmasters can get online them selves, which is doubtful.


I hope this helps you guys to work out what best to do. Sadly they will not be in the office as they are busy setting the event up.



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also have spoken with Matt Busch today and he says that having spoken to SM they are definetaly having a table set up to sort out this mess. Good luck to all with tickets! hope they come tomorrow! lol



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