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Stef and James

Crew Party tickets for C6

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As you may be aware, there will a HUGE Party on the Saturday night of Collectormania 6!!!


Tickets for this will go on sale Thursday 12th August, and the first 200 bought, will be VIP tickets.


Now, you know we appreciate all the help and support our fantastic crew give us over at our shows, and as a thank you we will be giving away VIP tickets to those that work the hard hours the weekend demands!


To qualify for this you will need to work either the Friday of C6, or the Saturday AND Sunday. If you work at any other time, you will need to purchase a party ticket, but we will upgrade it to a VIP one for FREE!


If you have applied to crew, but are not selected this time, you will still be able to purchase a party ticket in the usual way, but again, we will upgrade it to a VIP one!


The VIP tickets we have for crew are separate from the first 200 sold. So wait until you have had a mail from us in a few weeks time saying whether you are crewing or not before buying.


In any case, you won’t miss out, as the fairy godmother said …

“You SHALL go to the Ball!”


We hope this clarifies the various queries people have out there.


Stef and James

Showmasters - Crew and Operations


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