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Tv and movie guest suggestions

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karl makinen (the walking dead, twin peaks)

julian ovenden (person of interest)

faran tahir (iron man, star trek, elysium)

eddie bowz (nypd blue, cold case)

dean norris (breaking bad, total recall, under the dome)

bradford tatum (westworld, glee, criminal minds)

michael trucco (battlestar galactica, swat, chicago pd)

harry danner (van wilder, jag, scrubs)

jim davidson (crocodile dundee, csi, bold and the beautiful)

chris payne gilbert (lucifer, chicago fire)

harry groener (buffy, the resident, criminal minds)

elizabeth harnois (adventures in wonderland, csi)

patrick kilpatrick (minority report, ncis, csi)

arnold vosloo (the mummy, g i joe)

christopher wiehl (csi, law and order, ncis, code black)

vincent angell (the blacklist, californication)

w. earl brown (deadwood, preacher)

michael greyeyes (true detective, fear the walking dead)

matt malloy (armageddon, a. i, the resident)

michael rodrick (greenleaf, 24, cold case)

marco sanchez (star trek, super 8, ncis)

joe e tata (beverly hills 90210, batman)

rachel wilson (austin powers, saw)

gerry becker (spiderman, law and order, medium)

alex black (spiderman, er, csi)

jason brooks (star trek, super 8, ncis)

michael des barres (macgyver, ncis)

patrick fischler (mad men, lost, once upon a time)

grroovily pls...?

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Why not tell us which actors and crewmembers you would like to meet!

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David Boreanaz (Bones, Angel, Buffy & SEAL Team)
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Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy, Guidance, Gossip Girl, Human Kind Of & Weeds)
David Denman (The Office, After Earth, Angel, Outcast, Parenthood & Big Fish)

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