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Found 5 results

  1. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Simon Williams Attending: Saturday & Sunday Simon Williams is a UK based professional comic artist who has worked on several Panini/Marvel UK titles, including TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, DEATH'S HEAD and MARVEL HEROES. His work has also featured in various American publications, including TRANSFORMERS: BEAST WARS and MARS ATTACKS JUDGE DREDD from IDW, Erik Larsen's SAVAGE DRAGON (issue 193, published by Image Comics), and WWE SUPERSTARS, published by Super Genius.
  2. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Simon Furman Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Transformers, Death's Head, Doctor Who, Alpha Flight Simon Furman is a writer for TV animation, comic books and movies, his name indelibly linked to TRANSFORMERS, the 80s toy phenomenon (in 2012 Furman was inducted into Hasbro’s Transformers Hall of Fame). Furman has written hundreds of stories featuring the war torn Robots in Disguise, Transformers manga, and he is the author of the bestselling TRANSFORMERS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE. In the TV animation field, Furman is currently serving as head writer and script supervisor on the hit Nicktoons & CITV show, MATT HATTER CHRONICLES. He has also written for shows such as BEAST WARS, ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES, DAN DARE, X-MEN: EVOLUTION, ALIEN RACERS and A.T.O.M. In the computer games world, Furman is working extensively for Space Ape Games on TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS and the upcoming FASTLANE. With artist Geoff Senior, Furman is the co-creator of TO THE DEATH (www.to-the-death.com), an eighteen-part digital comic that combines hard-hitting sci-fi action and sharp-edged satire. His many other credits include STARCRAFT, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, KUNG FU PANDA, ALPHA FLIGHT, DEATH'S HEAD, DOCTOR WHO, DRAGON'S CLAWS, ROBOCOP, SHE-HULK, TERMINATOR, TORCHWOOD, TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER and WHAT IF? https://simonfurman.wordpress.com/
  3. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Geoff Senior Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday Death's Head, Transformers, Judge Dredd, To The Death Geoff is probably best known for work on TRANSFORMERS during the 80's and 90's. He also created DEATH'S HEAD and DRAGONS CLAWS for Marvel UK with Simon Furman. Other comics worked on include JUDGE DREDD, ZOIDS, ACTION FORCE, BATTLETIDE and 2000AD. Geoff moved into advertising storyboarding for the past several years but changing course back to illustration as it's more 'fun', TO THE DEATH, a web adventure project completed with Simon Furman being a chunky step back onto this road. http://to-the-death.com/ Living happily in north London without a garden, Geoff don't care as Hampstead Heath is his 'garden'. www.geoffsenior.com
  4. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Simon Furman Appearing: Sat/Sun Writer: Transformers; Death's Head; Robocop For nigh on three decades he has been the foremost chronicler of the adventures of Hasbro’s Robots in Disguise. So closely linked with the development of the comicbook versions of the action figures has Simon Furman been that fans refer to him as the Transformers-meister. While he kicked of his comics career in 1984 as an editor, he very quickly made the transition to writer, initially on Fleetway’s junior horror comic Scream but within a year he’d made his Transformers debut (on 1985’s #13). He remained closely associated with the Marvel UK title until its cancellation in 1992. Along the way he also became the regular scripter of the US edition of the comic, staying on that Transformers series until it was axed in 1991. The writer of numerous Robots in Disguise comics for Marvel (on both sides of the Pond), DreamWave and most recently IDW , There Furman reunited with artist Andrew Wildman (his long time Transformers collaborator) for Transformers: Regeneration One. Launched in 2012 and recently brought to an end, it continued and concluded the story left unfinished when Marvel (US) cancelled its Transformers comic. However Furman has numerous credits that go far beyond the Robots in Disguise. It’s a list that includes a wide diversity of titles, among them Sensational She-Hulk, Doctor Who, Alpha Flight and Robocop as well as Dragon’s Claws and Death’s Head, both of which he co-created.
  5. Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Geoff Senior Appearing: Saturday Artist: Transformers; Death's Head DC THOMSON’S Starblazer: Space Fiction Adventures in Comics #102 [1983] was Geoff Senior's first solo comics work although he had assisted Steve Parkhouse on Doctor Who Magazine Special #4 for Marvel UK and Quality’s Warrior #3 the year before. Later in 1983 he began contributing to 2000 AD and subsequently regularly to such Marvel UK comics as Action Force, Doctor Who, Spider-Man and Zoids and Transformers, the title with which he is most strongly associated. He also created Dragon’s Claws in collaboration with Transformers meister Simon Furman, drawing all 10 issues of the 1988 Marvel UK series. Again with Furman he co-created Death’s Head [1988] while also partnering writer Bernie Jaye in the conception of Hell’s Angel [1992] aka Dark Angel. Since the early ’90s he has worked outside comics although he does make the occasional foray back into the medium, all-but exclusively to add to his Transformers credits – most notably producing covers for The Transformers: Regeneration One series published by IDW between 2012 and 2014.
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