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    Michael Emerson Photo Shoot

    why not the he "The Frozen Donkey Wheel ? could be cool and it's very important moment for ben's character
  2. lyly ford

    New Trek ?

    sorry to say it but i go for lost and alias, i don't care about others shows, i don't watch it and movie of jj except i know what he did, i never watched it and yes the even is supposed to be about ALIAS, LOST and FRINGE but if you can get zachary for star trek i couldn't mind it's sylar too afterall
  3. lyly ford

    Who Do You Want To Meet From Lost?

    why not sterling ? two ben in the convention ben potter and bunny killer
  4. lyly ford

    Favourite Lost Character...

  5. lyly ford

    Lockdown Attendees Discount at Abrams Inc

    thank you :)
  6. lyly ford

    Who Do You Want To Meet From Lost?

    josh or terry but unlucky but i just met evi and shared private moment with her so maybe could happen one day for them too lol but here i could say lizzie and jeremy ^^ i could love to meet both of them and of course jorge could be so cool hic too and rebecca :)
  7. lyly ford

    Latest Guest Announcement - Michael Emerson

    i met him this week end and he was soooooooooooooo AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG thanks to get him !!
  8. lyly ford


    life is groovy ^^ i'll definitively get jules&kate suit and for alias i'll see but i've fews ideas ^^ so the sunday party will be about 70s,80 or 90s ?
  9. lyly ford

    COMPETITION: Abrams Inc. Head Office

    Yeah, that's the point. Makes it funner and harder as there's more to count. hmm but i don't know fringe lol
  10. lyly ford

    COMPETITION: Abrams Inc. Head Office

    oula i clicked on the page and the list changed lol i dunno when to send 'cause seem the page changes everytimes
  11. lyly ford

    Which Abrams Show Do You Like Most?

    LOSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i just met evi and emerson this week end with darlton and god i want to see a lot of lost actors !!!!!!! please please more lost actors plus it's almost the end of the show
  12. yes i wonder it 'cause wow seem people bought gold pass but what about the other pass ? can i know please thank you
  13. lyly ford

    New Convention for 2009

    Lost, Hp and Buffy and Angel for me But i really hope another Lockdown ^^
  14. 1. lizzie 2.emerson 3.marsha 4. Jeremy Davies 5. John Terry (i love christian ) and euhhhhhh great question lol M.C Gainey or william (ethan) i want the others !!!! we could do others party like that
  15. lyly ford

    Lockdown II