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  1. SavvyAngelUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - JEREMY RENNER

    Got my first diamond pass. Soooo happy. Thank you showmasters
  2. SavvyAngelUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - Optimus Prime

    Freaking love this!!!!!!!!!
  3. for the sake of my bank account im hoping its someone i don't want to meet lol
  4. yep, still on for 7pm
  5. feeling better. thanks :-)
  6. Love this!!! just wished i cosplay now lol
  7. SavvyAngelUK

    More Stan Lee photo ops available

    i think its fantastic that you have managed to secure more photoshoots, i wish i could get one as i missed out before but unfortunately cannnot afford the price increase :-( (but totally understand the reasoning behind the increase) but good luck to those going for it tonight :-) i have to admit im getting very concerned too with regards to being able to obtain an autograph, and i dont have gold. I think my chance to meet Mr Lee is looking rather slim.
  8. SavvyAngelUK

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANDY HERD

    woohoo a potter guest :-)
  9. How about a certain Winter Soldier, Mr Sebastian Stan. Yeah ok a long shot but a girl can dream
  10. SavvyAngelUK

    Latest guest announcement - LEE ARENBERG

    Cannot express my happiness enough with this announcement. Been wanting to meet him for years!!! As a POTC and OUAT fan this is one seriously estatic girl right here :-) Thank you SM!
  11. SavvyAngelUK

    Latest guest announcement - MARTIN KLEBBA

    Wohoo a Pirates guest. Met him before but will definately be meeting him again :-)
  12. SavvyAngelUK

    Latest guest announcement TONY TODD

    What are you guys doing to me!!! First 2 POTC guests and now a Chuck guest!!! May is looking expensive for me. Keep up the fantastic announcements!!!!! :-)
  13. SavvyAngelUK

    Guest suggestions

    Would love absolutely anyone involved in Chuck. Would also like some Harry Potter guests too.
  14. woohoo another autograph for my Harry Potter book :-)