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  1. I second Jason Wingreen ... he is the 1st on my list of fett Autos to get !!!
  2. Just a couple of pix taken this time.. heres the best one of John arriving Sunday morning
  3. 4-5 hours is mild I qued overnight too see george lucas at SW celebration 3 in indianapolis !
  4. Met hamill at CE and was well worth the 4+ hour que and £170 for 2 autos... guy was amazing.. have seen him twice before at events in the USA butnever got an auto... heas #103 in my Star wars book for autos and nothing can come close to it now... as Ford Oz Lucas and McDairmid dont sign very easily and I have all the others worth having
  5. CM1-11 LFCC 1-3 Empire day 7 or 8 of them jedicon 7-8 Sandiego comicon twice. Star Wars Celebration USA #3 SW celebration europe Exewing SW day x4 Fantasy events SW days all Other conventions x 100+ But im a dealer too so love em !
  6. now thats a top guest.... should add floella benjamin an tony hart
  7. Hmmmm well #1 is my Star Wars - Executor tin set Script book with over 90 autos from the cast of the OT Jus need Lucas, Ford, McDairmid and Oz in it then I will be happy.. #2 Star wars cinema program signed and personalised by Sir Alec Guiness.. I wrote to him what a lovely chap. #3 Original Mallrats script book with over 20 autos of cast and crew of the askew movies.. in Kevin Smith, Mewes, Jason "EARL" Lee and many more ! othe faves-- Alice Cooper ticket signed by THE MAN !!! Orbital promo single signed by paul an phil Hartnoll Topps trading card James Earl jones. When harry met sally UK theatre programe. - Alison Hannigan and Luke Perry. my list could go on for quite some time !
  8. great guest a named supporting character loads at this show lets hope they are all a tenner each.. gone are the days of early empire days where you could get the likes of Jeremy Bulloch to sign a photo my book and a figure for £7 !!
  9. Well Peters young son is a Big Star Wars fan as he live less than 5 miles from me. Peter his wife and Son all came in numerous times last summer to make purchases. I am a Huge fan and have seen him live many times. But last I heard they were moving abroad to renovate a hotel ?
  10. I have jus sent my pix in too. so keep an eye on the site for updates.
  11. Realy good day.. I sold plenty added 4 more autos too my book and had a good chat with some old mates. top day out only downside left home @ 5am jus got home @ 9... Sleeepppp....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
  12. Top guest,, really nice guy... he came over to my table looking for some of his figure but I have lon sold out but I pointed him in the direction of R2Dtoys or 3Darths...
  13. ive got a table there an not done it as a dealer in years i have some bargains.. doind hasbro 12 " sw cheap an some potj an jus had some cleartance mcfarlane toys in
  14. I aint gonna beat you up. jus saying that the metaphore of that film other than the richard n fart jokes kinda applies here !
  15. to all the whiners Would you all please go and watch Jay and Silent Bob Strike back... then sit in your basements and wait for the Boys to come an kick your asses ! Showmasters buisness is their own. I have been attending the majority of Jasons events since Empire day 2 and all have been fantastic Guest cancellations happen its outta their hands. Jason will to his best to get said guest at another show in the future im sure. ! Im still atending on Sunday and it should be fab !
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