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  1. Because this silence is very ridiculous, we have decided to contact Michael's agent to know : - if he knows that there is the convention - if he has some news about Showamsters about an eventual cancellation. We hope to have some informations very soon about that. Perhaps we will have news from Showmasters before... We can always dream
  2. First of all... you have to come because it's my 30th birthday this week-end ! And... why do you write "drink" in last in your list... everybody know it's in first in your finances PS : i think it would be unfair to cancel the event... people who doesn't want to come anymore doesn't come
  3. I think it would be a very very bad idea... I suppose the convention could be a week-end with Michael Emerson Ok, there is only one guest, but what an amazing guest ! I suppose most of people who have bought a pass today are LOST fan... And I'm sure they will very happy to meet michael Emerson ! I prefer a week-end with michael Emerson than a cancellation. And most of us have a non-refundable train or flight ticket... and we will lose money if there is a cancellation... Of course... you understand ! You understand what's happened today in the sun ! And you don't understand that !!!! To my mind, they wanted to organize a second LOST event (to thank people for coming at Lockdown), but they announced a jj Abrams event to open the possibilities of guests and because it was a solution if they didn't success to find LOST guests...
  4. COME ON ! BUY YOUR TICKET PLEASE ! I joked You're right ! But Does SM want to take this risk after the unsucces of Lockdown and Eclipse 3 ? I'm not sure... Of course, you're right ! Perhaps to announce an ALIAS guest could interest another people who aren't interested by LOST... I hope there will be at least 3 guests (perhaps one of every show, even if I prefer LOST). But what i fear is... Greg Grunberg was at eclipse 3 even if there wasn't enough passes sold... and SM lost money... So... What i fear today (if the sale of tickets goes on like that ) is that we will read the following message : Guest cancellation : Michael Emerson Not because he can't come, but because there isn't enough passes sold... And he will be subsituted by another LOST cheaper guest... I'm posting JJ Abrams Inc. advertising on all the LOST fansites i know... That's the only thing I can do...
  5. Exactly ! That's why i said that I understood why (after Lockdown) people are waiting because there is only one guest (who can cancel at the end) But don't you think Showmasters need more than 50 or 100 passes sold to pay a second guest ? I suppose Michael isn't a cheap guest... I don't think 50 or 100 passes are enough to pay Michael... Of course LOST is an amazing show, and ALIAS was very good... But that kind of tv shows has not the same potentiel than Twilight... to organize a sold out convention... LOST has very specific fans, and some of them remember Lockdown unfortunalety... To my mind, Eclipse 2 was a great succes because... Eclipse 1 was a great succes (and a lot of people had bought a pass for eclipse 2 during eclipse 1). Eclipse 3 wasn't a succes because people were disappointed by Eclipse 2 and haven't order ticket for eclipse 3... I agree with you, this JJ Abrams event has a great potential, but unfortunalety this event has difficulties because Lockdown was... lockdown
  6. thing is alot of people put blind faith in SM with lockdown, when they booked with no or one guest, and as much as i enjoyed it, it was a big let down, so for us to even risk buying a ticket with one guest again is abit ludacris. i see it like this, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". just wish they'd give us answers tbh My comment was not a critic. I understand why people are waiting for a new announcement... i was at Lockdown too... But... I'm really very frightened for this event. Because I think there are a lot of people who want to wait for another announcement before to buy a ticket... But I think Showmasters is waiting for new tickets sold before to announce another guest... So... everybody is waiting for something and nothing happens I don't find a solution to this problem... Since the beginning, we all know that this event won't be sold out at the end... so i could wait to buy my pass... But i decided to buy a ticket early because i know that they need our money to announce guests... I understand why a lot of people are waiting, but i think it's a big problem for showmasters...
  7. I'm not a lurker ! I have my pass since April ^^ I begin to be a little frightened by : - the silence of Massive events - people who are posting they are waiting for a new announcement before to buy ticket (because to my mind there won't be a new announcement if there isn't more tickets sold ) You're so right ! In the past... i was the one who was posting that kind of message But with the time... i have understood that to post that kind of message is useless Comme on dit : parler à un mur ne sert a rien... Thanks to lambourne to try his best on this forum so that Massive events don't forget us... But they do...
  8. At the end, the most important thing is... that Michael comes at the event If the event moves as a "meeting with Michael Emerson", it's ok for me PS : But I hope there will be another (LOST) guest(s)
  9. I know This year, I only can afford 1 or perhaps 2 events... I have already chosen jj Abrams Inc., so i can't go to LFCC or C15. But With the new exchange rate... A standard convention pass is £78 : 86 euros (last year £78 = 128 euros) A night in the Park Inn is £65 : 72 euros (last year 107 euros) If I compare with last year, i win 147 euros for A 3-days convention So perhaps (thanks to the livre sterling crise) I could afford a second event this year (perhaps Hallowhedon) So the new exchange rate is a chance for us ! Just a last word about LFCC and C15... You said "they are so close toghether..." They are very close, but... another solution for us 'who are coming from another country" would be that the 2 events are more close (only 1 week between the both events), so that we could stay in UK between the 2 events... Do you plan to come to this event ? I'm going with a friend from Belgium. We are going to miss the elections Oh well, I will give a procuration to my brother. No If i have planned to come, i would have told you before It's already very difficult to pay jj Abrams... I don't make advertising only for the events I do It's new... i know looool
  10. I don't know who is this Odette... Wait... I'm looking for http://average-dudes.com/wp-content/upload.../02/oy00ce2.jpg Oh yes, I want Odette too ! Please Cloverfied guests ! PS : No, please... No cloverfied guests (please LOST guests)
  11. I make advertising for the event on my website http://buffystore.forumactif.com/showmaste...t1746.htm#15074 If you want to be optimist, think only that the new exchange rate is a good thing for french, german or spanish people ! Today with the new rate (£1 = 1.11 euros), you will perhaps have more attendees from these countries... Perhaps try to developp the advertising in these countries... (even if you have already a lot of foreign attendees)
  12. Exact, it's called "Abrams Inc." but it's written If it was a Star Trek and a Cloverfield event... i would have liked to know it before... Perhaps i wouldn't have ordered my ticket Everybody knows it's a LOST - ALIAS - Fringe event... If you want a Star Trek or a Cloverfield guest, i think it's not the right event And... only 4 of the 103 votes are for "other" http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....=44593&st=0 There are enough amazing guests in LOST, ALIAS and Fringe to make a fabulous convention
  13. I agree with David First reason : if you hope Zachary Quinto, i think his place is at a Heroes Convention... not at Abrams Inc. Second reason : we know that at the end there will be between 3 and 6 guests... I bought a ticket because it's announced as a LOST - ALIAS - Fringe event 3 TV shows is a lot for only 3, 4, 5 or 6 guests... If we look the result of the poll, i think the majority wants LOST guests (58%) first... (me too ) and ALIAS (28%) http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....=44593&st=0 If we add Trek, it reduces the possibilities to have LOST and ALIAS guests...
  14. You know... Even if there is a second guest announced... At the end, both could cancel
  15. I really love the season 5 ! But I refuse to watch the season 6... I prefer to wait... I don't want to have the answer of the final scene of the season 5
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