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  1. Special is a state of mind
  2. I've just danced around my house.........sooooooooooooooo happy wanted him to come to a con for ages go SM. If anyone asked me last year who I really wanted to come to a SM show he was my answer
  3. awesome guest shame i'm not gonna be there..............mickey mouse better be twice as nice euro disney here we come
  4. Thanks for all the trust and support you've given in 2010 and letting me loose in a red shirt (even if for most of the year its been a borrowed one from Penfold) . I love working for SM/ME and couldn't imagne what it would be like without you as head of crew...........think appart from my first few shows thats what you've been. I hope in 2011 I can continue to be deserving of my red shirt and my new Partner in crime status. Always a Pleasure Mr H Hugs and Milk Bottles Jxx
  5. Thanks to everyone who was in the Starwars pit on Saturday, you guys were amazing and didn't let a little thing like an evacuation ruin the flow. Thnks to Claire my runner dont know how many times we sent you back and forth for coffees and such but you didn't complain once. Much love for Nick and Simone along with the rest of the Pitbosses and Mara (so glad you have 2 Ra! Ra! t-shirt's now) for putting up with me this year, roll on 2011. Big Hugs to Penfold and Rhi for Sunday I know we weren't as busy pervious shows but wouldn't have any better guides to the world of Penfold for anything
  6. Roll on rest of the year..........
  7. Everyone in the signing pit on Saturday day you all rocked, didn't have that many guests but we delt with everything that was thrown at us. Thanks also to fellow Pittboss Ian, never dull even when its dull. Thanks TT for keeping faith and all that Thanks to Granthos, for sunday, I felt so ill, but we managed in the end, and even packed up in super speed time
  8. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can replace the pics I've 'misplaced'
  9. good then I guess i didn't do half bad then...had to borrow a red shirt from Penfold too as only had 4 small ones....(Thank you Andy!) You are very welcome hunni, one of the two reason I always bring my crew T-shirts with me (The other is if I go quiet - Yeah righhhhhtt - then I can chuck it on myself and be where needed ) maybe glasgow then........lol!
  10. good then I guess i didn't do half bad then...had to borrow a red shirt from Penfold too as only had 4 small ones....(Thank you Andy!)
  11. That you all from PitBoss Jess.........still werid to say that.......all the crew in our little seciton on saturday you guys are awesome and deserve pats on backs, and also huge thanks to the various friends of crew who were ropped into services when we found ourselfves shorthanded. Fellow PB's Mary and Idris thanks for your support and patience with me and my questions you guys rock and always a pleasure to work for/with. All other Pitbosses old and new you guys are always there if needed roll on the rest of the year TT and Mara thanks for your faith in me and the oppotunity to PB hop
  12. Yer me too. I have to justify the ridiculous travel costs.. even booking this far in advance I cant find a train for less than £65 each way! did the coach last year........................never agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. That is a brilliant image! In fact, it's so brilliant that I can't bear to edit it out. Totally love it
  14. damn you now I have to take time off work....................
  15. Love crewing for ME and SM, long may it continue, so many friends, so much tequilla and wine, so many good times
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