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  1. If not there's always 50 Years of Star Trek in the UK in 2019, since it didn't arrive here till 1969
  2. I'm still waiting for Bluewater...............
  3. Yeah, nice planning (but not)... If these cons are known so far in time, then you would say they can think logical and do not plan then in the same weekend... From what I can see there's two comic cons and a cruise, but no other Trek conventions over those dates. Only two Trek regulars at those instead of Birmingham. It does not always have to be Trek related. Lot of Trek actors go as guests to non-Trek cons. Actually the cruise is cancelled. There's only one Trek regular - Nichelle - at another event that weekend. All the info is on one page. A page which mentions Destination a fair bit I might add.
  4. But as always the problem with that is an actors name is enough to Google. Indeed if all you have to go on is actor as doing an event - as well finding that event in seconds you also find out about other many events and other guests attending those events - at the same time. So it really backfires.
  5. Yeah, nice planning (but not)... If these cons are known so far in time, then you would say they can think logical and do not plan then in the same weekend... From what I can see there's two comic cons and a cruise, but no other Trek conventions over those dates. Only two Trek regulars at those instead of Birmingham.
  6. I notice the date has changed from June to October as well. I missed that announcement.
  7. Exeter appears to have changed dates too.
  8. Other official events tend to have major input from the current production companies, or current licence holders, in other words someone in an official capacity to make announcements. Sherlocked can do this. Destinations don't seem to have quite the same access.
  9. Presumably they aren't going to comment on that! Well I can As I've been told it (which could be wrong, with no comment from one side all sorts of rumours can grow and grow) he has a commercial stake with rival organisers, so wouldn't appear with a major competitor. basically what I just said! I know now, I didn't see the second page so I edited it!
  10. I'd be very surprised if Paul has never been asked. People with less screen time have been..
  11. Has Paul Brooke ever done a signing?
  12. I was waiting 18 years for Leslie, was great to finally get him a few months ago.
  13. I've already booked, but I may well not be going. There's a potential clash that weekend. Doesn't cost me to edge my bets for now.
  14. They are involved with an event in February too, it just doesn't get listed on here.
  15. So if a one month job comes along you expect an actor/director to turn down it down for a three day event?
  16. Many of the softer images above probably are screen captures. If there isn't a copyright/logo on the image, many of the 'official' free photos you see are just screen grabs from Blu-rays or DVDs.
  17. I've never forgotten despite the 5-item limit when David Tennant did his first signing they had the £45 times table on his desk up to about 20. At the end of the day when they can make £100 a minute on bigger guests the limit is quickly ignored.
  18. I don't suppose anyone is a fan of dealers - but when you have people like Frank Oz and James Earl Jones who don't do paid signings - like it or not dealers do provide a black market where there is no legitimate alternative for most collectors. Most of us are happy to pay our way, but some actors don't play the game by our rules. That doesn't help the situation. I was watching that Frank Oz play for months, when the rehearsals came I was too busy at work to get to London! But instead I wrote to him and got two stickers signed. I'd still pay to get him in my book properly though.
  19. I always think that if I were a signing guest at one of these events, I'd tell staff prior to the event that I wouldn't sign bulk collections for dealers. It's just so impersonal and cold, in my opinion. I saw a lot of Star Wars guests signing armfuls of items clearly for dealers to sell on and none of them looked overly thrilled about it. I know I wouldn't be best pleased to be in that position. But that's just me and slightly off-topic, so as you were. Then you are talking about depriving the organiser of a certain percentage of sales. Buying a preorder is essentially via a dealer. I mean how many people really met some of the smaller Star Wars guests? Few hundred of the more dedicated? So an extra 100 autographs for dealers on top of that pays for them to be there. Dealers at shows are at least paying their way, the actor still gets something for their trouble. Via post or stage door they get nothing. £££££ Well he was only £15. A lot of these deals are done by agents, its quite possible they agreed to the photos on his behalf, without informing him till the day. Plenty of fans have no interest in dedications, it doesn't mean we are all looking to sell. If you have a multi-signed item you run out of space a lot quicker if they are all dedicated, In saying that though, selling is always an option if the needs arises. I'd never get back what I'd spent on mine, mind you. But there's nothing worse than seeing a dedicated photo on eBay when its made out to 2 or 3 members of the same family. You might find someone with your name interested, but not a group.
  20. The lack of a list and floorplan makes it seem a whole lot more amateur than it should be. San Diego for instance publish a list, but then there's so many there it would takes days to find anyone you wanted to see without one.
  21. Great to finally meet Roberta, she was the guest I went for in all honesty. Had loads to get signed. So it was a welcome surprise to find she was only £10 rather than £15. I had too much to get signed at £15 a pop, but fortunately whilst I'd crossed some off the to do list, I still had them on me too so was able add them back. I'd have been fuming if I'd left them at home.
  22. There were sniffer dogs at the previous event I went to, didn't seem OTT. Thing is though you could walk around a shopping centre with far more people, no one would check at all. Mind you, I'd say anyone who's seen a Bond film could work out a way to beat the system, fortunately the nutters aren't that inventive or imaginative as us.
  23. If the programme date of 28-30 July is correct, it is the same weekend as the cycling again
  24. I was warned he'd probably be a bit miserable from someone who got him at the last signing, but I was only after an undedicated autograph - not a meet and great - so that suited me. But he did interact with the person before me, as he was very careful to spell his name right on his dedicated photo.
  25. OOOO, will have a look for them cheers!, Do you know how much and what stall :-) My navigation was a little off, but only a little. It's the Celebrity ink stall (with yellow autograph holder boards up) on the right corner of their lengthy stand. As said above £5 each.
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