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  1. I do find it amusing when people take it on themselves to talk for entire fandoms. Mark is no stranger to events. As brilliant as a guest he would be, it wouldn't settle this fan.
  2. Yeah I don't see much point in spending too much money on a room I'll hardly see, on a bed I'll spend a few hours on. Queuing early means I usually miss the breakfast too. I don't mind hostels either, but 1-2 night stays in a hostel means you don't get the most out of them really, longer stays can be more fun. I did forget to book a hotel the night after an event once, so spent the night around Waterloo. Which was an interesting experience. Got some amazing photos too. .
  3. Of course it really comes down to those who have money spend it, those who don't shouldn't. I'm comfortable with about 2 weeks wages on a bigger event. It would take me 4 months to earn some of the totals above.
  4. David was open queue by the time I went to him later yesterday. He used to sign his surname rather than just M, but he was adding his character most of the time. So he saved 8 letters and in my case added 10! But the biggest difference is he wasn't a diamond guest. in some cases that added 200 people in front of the VQ
  5. One guest did actually say to someone in front of me it was their contract they were not allowed to do posed photos as they had a paid photo shoot.
  6. Less than previous years, my heart isn't in it quite so much as it used to be,. I did have a low VQ ticket for Terrance Stamp and thought about getting my Episode 1 Annual signed - but I figured it hasn't got Portman, Neeson, McGreggor, Jackson, I could live with out Stamp. Also had two items for David Morrissey and just got one (I already had bits signed via a theatre, and didn't bother with another Mark Shepherd item which I had with me. So that saved me £110, which is enough of a saving for me to notice.
  7. Also , in what I think was the Cumberbatch queue (I can't be 100% certain so much zapping about) I certainly saw people ask for two tickets and get two tickets.
  8. So she's able to hang around after all.
  9. Surely it would be easier if golds just came in the same entrance, went through the same bag checks and had the first isle in the holding pen reserved for them. Then Isle 1 would have to be cleared before isle 2 with the rest of us commoners could go in.
  10. I hope everyone in this thread got what they were after. What was posted in the locked 'incredibly unfair for VQ ticket holders' thread wasn't quite true - he was signing up to VQ 200 up till 3pm, I was queuing from 1:45 and just scraped through - maybe 20 after me - before he went away for his break. It looked like it was only after that they had to rethink things as it sounded like a number of diamonds hadn't been yet. The people running his enclosure were brilliant, but the signage left a bit to be desired. Obviously I went past several times during the day - without being on top of it, it looked like it said diamonds 1-100, diamonds 1-200, but it at least later it was diamonds and VQ 1-200. So that important VQ was very easy to miss, I could have queued earlier. We need bigger signs.
  11. All except Kristian were along the back wall, and most of them looked to have the sign up. Obviously I can't look at a photo to check. I did take a photo with my mobile from the queue in John Cleese's enclosure and was told off by a blueshirt - but I did point out it said no 'posed' photos and when he checked with the assistant I expected the sign to be changed, but no, it came back it was fine to take photos.
  12. Fair enough I read that thread heading as 'Access Doors & Collection' for Gold Passes and Diamond Passes so ignored it not needing either rather than 'Access Doors' & Collection for Gold Passes and Diamond Passes; the warning wasn't in a thread heading. Anyway I got lucky booking on the Sunday. I always book the hotel first - anything that's cancellable, I never know if the line up is worth my while till later in the day. As it is I had a clash; the other event sold out first,
  13. I think the problem is if they do that - whilst being fair - everyone will expect them to do the same the next time this happens.
  14. I only booked last Sunday, but I'm surprised there wasn't a low level warning.
  15. It is bigger - look at the number of diamonds - but better is always going to come down to personal preference. The £10 guests interest me more the Hollywood stars personally; it could get too big and pricey for me. Cancellations are always part of the risk, increased the earlier they are announced. Reunions also increase the odds someone will mess it up. Only 3 cancellations for me so far, 2 of them I have met before. Perhaps having the event the week after the biggest (or at least most famous of its type) in the world doesn't help get bigger current names.
  16. sure, but you still need to get through security to get to them
  17. That's easy to say, but on the Friday and Sunday I'll have my stuff for the weekend, before and after I've checked in and out the hotel. I don't have a problem with bag checks, but do find it daft you're checked in there, but shopping centre over the road... same bags no searches!
  18. TARDIS Wikia gives these for Russell, but there may be better info. Uncredited roles Mawdryn Undead - Student The King's Demons - Man-At-Arms Warriors of the Deep - Sea Base 4 Personnel Revelation of the Daleks - Attendant Time and the Rani - Tetrap/Lakertyan/Genius Delta and the Bannermen - Chimeron
  19. Oh I agree - it doesn't bother me personally - it would take more than that for me to loose interest in the show. All I'm saying is its' divisive, to put it mildly
  20. Half of them have threatened to never watch the show again, so I don't think you'd speak for them.
  21. Geoffrey Sax & Eliza Roberts have done events before, possibly Jeremy Radick too, but yes I would like to get at least one more cast member on my DVD.
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