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  1. Can anyone identify a female crew member on Saturday who was young (early 20's?), slim, with dark wavy hair. The only other "distinguishing feature" I can think of was she had trainers that were pink on the underside, and was possibly wearing something pink underneath her crew shirt (was sticking out at the bottom of the crew t-shirt). I didn't see her in charge of a particular section, but saw her walking around on Saturday. She didn't seem to be in the public area on Sunday.
  2. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the petite, short red-haired girl dressed as Spider-Man. She not only stole my heart, but has amazing taste in superheroes!
  3. The beautiful dark skinned young slim girl who was managing photo c queues on Saturday morning then sat with Adrienne Barbeau on Sun morning.
  4. Nice to see these guests who dropped out of previous shows being announced for LFCC.
  5. Thanks for coming on anyway. Helps solve that mystery.
  6. That's why he didn't want to say hello at the show - he thought that you would not think anything special of him, or would have a boyfriend. I guess the age-old saying is true, "never try, you only end up getting disappointed and heartbroken."
  7. Not deliberately sitting behind you I should point out!
  8. He was sitting in the row behind you during the Sunday talks, and was swooning over you during the auto session. You didn't notice him with his eyes practically falling out?
  9. I think I found her on Facebook's Chevron 8.0 page. I'm assuming it's her as she's the only Alex in the group. Unfortunately the profile photo of her being kissed by her bloke has shattered the hopeful heart of my friend...
  10. I'm sure he would be fine with his details being passed on.
  11. Oh don't worry, I wouldn't expect you to give anything out. To be honest it's nothing hugely important, so I apologise if I gave that impression. It's just another one of those "want to get to know that girl" situations. I'd like to point out that it's not for me this time! It's actually someone who isn't on the forum but who's heart skipped a beat when he saw her (his words, not mine!), and was too lacking in confidence to go up and talk to her. I said I would ask around for him to see if she was a regular on here.
  12. No I'm afraid there's been only your reply so far. Thanks for your help.
  13. If it helps, on sunday she was sitting with the red haired yong lady who took part in the gameshow.
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