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  1. You have to get Jason David Frank, awesome con guest and the most famous Ranger. It won't be a proper Power Rangers con without him.
  2. Thought the twitter updates were a good addition. Thanks for doing it, here's hoping for more at future cons. It would be cool to get more backstage stuff and pictures posted.
  3. Seeing as he's off to be Snake Eyes again, I'll let him off.
  4. Thanks! Pleased you liked the scene, it was certainly fun to make. Already planning what to do for cosplays next year so keep an eye out for me.
  5. I was really looking forward to meeting Joe Calzaghe on Sunday and he didn't disappoint. He was very friendly, polite and relaxed. I'm not going to comment on the price as being a really big fan of his I was happy to pay that for an autograph and photoshoot.
  6. Thanks, I was pleased that people recognised it. Plus I really liked the boots I had for it and so want to wear them again, so will be doing Gambit again soon.
  7. The cosplay turn out was less than LFCC for sure, but there were still some good ones there. I was Multiple Man and Gambit for the weekend and spotted most of the ones you guys mentioned. We braved the tube on both days in full costume and did get a few odd looks!
  8. Hi, yes that was me! I was indeed cosplaying Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man, as he is one of my favourite comic book characters. I have done the 11th Doctor at previous conventions but after seeing all the comic book characters at LFCC this year, I really wanted to do one of them for Collectormania. For anyone who was there for both days we did Gambit and Rogue on the Saturday and Multiple Man and Domino on the Sunday. I'll be going to more conventions next year. Got to improve on the cardboard cut out for them, which may be a little difficult! But I'm sure my 'duplicate' will make an appearance again soon.
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