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    Peter DeLuise

    Been asking for years hun! I wish I have kept an eye out even though I dont frequent cons that much any more and I missed one he was at by another con and was gutted! I hope he will do a SM con soon as they would get my money! x
  2. Saturday night I went a bit mad on the dance floor to Rage against the machine causing myself a bit of whiplash...actually i'm still in pain lol! Sharon - No more moshing!" :))
  3. veasse

    food and drink

    Lol!! well it is a five star hotel. I think it's great they have a take out thing... we'd be up for a Pizza Party too! :)
  4. veasse

    Chevron 7.4

    Hey peeps, Any chance of a printable PDF or will we get a copy of this when we register, first time to an event like this and just want to be sure! THanks
  5. Hi All, Just wondering what people are doing food wise... I know we get breakfast which is great but i'm not sure the prices for food there plus there will be lots of us. I was looking to see if there were any supermarkets or cheaper food alternatives but there are none. Have ME or SM got some kind of cheaper rate for the restaurants at the hotel? Thanks A x
  6. Get Lou Diamond Philips to come with him, I don't watch SGU but I can't understand why people wouldn't want SGU guests it makes no sense for a SG con?!?!?! Anyhow I will welcome anyone SG1, SGA and SGU. It's about having fun and enjoying time with people who have the same interests. (disclaimer - If DGeek can't make it I wont be so jovial. So just to say any comments made above are based on the fact that David is going to be there - I hope it's a hack and people get to meet who they want! ) :)
  7. veasse


    Hey Peeps, Was just wondering what the standard guests are, as in how many? are there announcements this late on? etc. I only ask because I havent been to this type of event and I have seen on events I was thinking of going to the comment "at least ... (number) guests" Whats the score? is this it for the guests? Thanks for your patience. xx
  8. Just got ADB on Dvd and I am sooooooo Excited! I am watching this tonight!! YIPEEEE!!!
  9. Hi SM, As we are having D-Geek himself David Hewlett would you put on a showing of A Dog's Breakfast please? We cannot get it in the UK but he has done showings before and I missed them. This would be amazing... also can you ask David to bring some copies as I just can't buy it anywhere! Thanks Andrea x
  10. Yay! Glad to hear there are DeLuise fans here too but I can't think of any reason that people wouldn't! I so would
  11. I wish it would be Peter DeLuise! A girl can dream! x
  12. ARGHHH!! Hurry up pay day! I am SO excited I have been wanting to meet David For ages!!
  13. Wil Wheaton - Not going to happen because he wont fly longhaul. David Hewlett - he is just rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! David Tennant - not as rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but close! I guess a 21Jumpstreet reunion would be heaven! *sigh* Andrea x
  14. I know this is just me being dim, but it says a photoshoot and specifies that does than mean no autos? Sorry!
  15. I picked up two rooms at premier inn heathrow for 29 per night. very good and it has parking even though you have pay for it! It means we are near the tube enough but far enough outside of London to just get on the road home asap. x
  16. Hey hun! Can't you get a grant? My parents just did, although they are on a low income! Contact your council and see if they can help! it's worth a shot! I'm coming from Devon! Andrea x
  17. I will cry if it Lou Diamond Phillips because i'm not going, it doesn't look like he has been at a con either. (
  18. I still think it's the Hoff! I hope they announce some guests that aren't "who are they?" for me soon, I think we're all mature enough to cope with this, I also think it has been quite a while and i will stop coming on here soon! I have resisted to say a very funny but insensitive joke. Aren't I good?!
  19. I agree it's frustrating waiting for a guest announcement they are holding back, but I equally agree that not all tastes can be met. If we all had similar tastes it would be pointless even going because everyone would be in one queue or fighting for a virtual ticket because they can only sign so many. I want to see JRD, I've met him, I have his auto, if I have the money I will get a photo session because I'm hoping that by the time Nov comes around not many people will recognise me cause ive lost weight. I also want to meet AMH but I know that is going to be complete madness! Bring back Thomas, Lawrence and Sala! lol x
  20. We picked up two nights at premier in near heathrow (far but on a tube route) for 59 quid for 2 nights. Bargain. If you want to check it out go to the lenny henry thing and type in the postcode for earls court and it will tell you how much then you may get the one like I did. Heathrow M4/J1 i think! good hotel hunting! Now I just have to wait for bloomin' guest to be announced like we were promised.
  21. I think it David Hasslehoff! DO I win something if i'm right? He filmed a uk tour recently and he's really into the UK at the moment and as far as I'm aware he hasnt done a UK con! I want Peter DeLuise. Andrea x
  22. Err... Veasse, the only guest I said was a lot of money was Orlando and the amount I was quoted may have been to put me off asking his people again; for every other guest was down to if they were interested in coming to an event or that they were not around at the right time to attend the event. So I am sorry Veasse but it is NOT about money, and I do think I have proven myself lots of times in the past on this point, so please do not try to make me out as a money grabbing person, as the people that know me well on here will tell you otherwise. One last thing. We are trying to make this happen but things like this really make me sad. We only talked about the issues we are having to be up front and fair to you all, but whatever we do we seem to get attacked, and nothing we do is going to make all of you happy. So I am now going to push the guests we are negotiating with one last time and we will let you know what we are going to do about this event soon. Its ironic. When thing are going well everyone wants to be a part of it, but when things are not going well many people run like rats leaving a sinking ship or turn on you. I will talk more after we decide what we plan to do. If we go for it we will be committed; if we decide to call it a day then we will make a statement to clear things up and you will be refunded for your tickets. and Veasse sorry to hear of your loss , i just had one as well, its very hard to deal with and it changes you i think well on with the battle ground of anger and upset makes me think twice some times as to why we do it, but when we got the 3 hobbits together back at c4 we made so many people happy and some of them will remember that day for the rest of their lives so we did make a difference that day well we can not get it right all of the time i guess we will get back to you all soon on this, it will not be long either way Jason Jason, Thanks for the reply but it seems that you only reply when someone hits a chord... My intention wasnt to ATTACK you however if you feel that way i'm sorry. I thought my feelings and opinon was important and i think i'm entitled to them i have sat every night and have read every post... I'm passionate about conventions and i was also at C4 in fact i've been to most of your events... I look forward to finding out the outcome of this and i think i will leave it for a few days before returning to check because i'm getting extremely anxious and its not good for my health! Please also note i went to a particularly awful con in Manchester where there was a complete uproar and i do not want a repeat of that event... Its no fun for the guests and despite being some fun for attendees I hated seeing the guests put through such a traumatic situation. Veasse
  23. Dont really want to get into anything with you but i feel that i am entitled to my opinon... LFACC that just happened unfortunately didnt have the same atmosphere never mind the lights etc its all about the feeling for me.. i just wasnt excited... This is taking all the enjoyment out of it for me and i'm sorry to say but it does come across that money is the crux of this situation... I know its a fine line but at the end of the day SM have my money for this event already and they arent delivering and i doubt that this event can get off the ground without stacks of cash despite the fans so what can you do... Just refund or give it 1000% effort... either way i have no choice in the matter so why ask us should they cancel?! thanks for the squish hun need it today... family funeral! (((
  24. Thank you, swan! These were exactly the same queries that I raised a few pages back when I pointed out that organising something of this size is no mean feat. I'm sorry, but I can't recall the page off hand, and I can't be flipping arsed to go through the comments again, life is too short for that...! I am going to refrain from commenting on this any further simply because it's now time for SMs to make a decision now! Some of us do have other commitments to consider and we can't put our lives on hold forever waiting for an answer. Either it goes ahead or it doesn't, as simple as that. Rosie Well said Rosie... Lets hope SM just make a decision soon cause I'm getting really fed up with coming on the forum to check.. Much more important things to be getting on with... I must say that after my disappointment with LFACC the other week and this dragging on, unless someone comes up with an answer soon i will be put off most if not all of SM events... Sorry thats just how i feel... I just feel that they are taking too much on and not delivering because they are spreading themselves too thin.. Someone at SM said its not about the money but surely if you wont get a big name due to cost then its obv all about the money and slightly about the fans.. JUST MY OPINION so dont go flaming me! Veasse xx
  25. Well I was just curious. I thought it was a reasonable question, and I'm not quite sure why it'd cause a 'showdown' but ok if you say so! It's just interesting to read about different perspectives on the event from people - there's evidently a lot of expectations, but not all the same. Sorry David, Its just we've had words before and i didnt want to go there again! I have apid a lot of money and other LOTR cons have at least 30... i've been to a few... not all actors but you know a lot of tolkien stuff and weta etc. To SM, If this is going to be postponed again i want my money back. I feel like someone else said you have had long enough, and are supposed to be doing this with another show germany.... they have an amazing show which is why i bought a ticket immediately as i thought that the amazing con they have would be the same in London. Seems that i have very high expectations. I really think you should get back to us all quickly about what is happening... Either decide you can get a great number of guests from all different areas or cancel. cause right now i dont like this feeling of hanging! Sorry... I hope you understand now how upset and angry i am about this and why i didnt want a conflab with you DB cause i might offend! Cheers V x
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