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  1. Thanks for responding so quickly QS. It turns out that I went slightly wrong on the website and had put in the wrong dates! Serves me right for trying this when I am not feeling 100% with it! The rate is coming up fine for me now on the website. :-) However, regardless of that, there was no way to book the con rates over the phone using the code, which for me is a slight inconvenience. However, I will now try booking on the internet.
  2. I am having trouble booking my room. Both on the phone and on the website I am being told that there are no promotional rates for this hotel. What is going on? What should I do?
  3. I am very disappointed as I had been looking forward to the event since buying my ticket at HW6, but thank you for giving us the update on the situation. I attended two Hallowhedons and I thoroughly enjoyed them, I have some great memories from them. As a few others have said, I would be happy to go to another Hallowhedon (or similar themed event) in the future if you decide to run it.
  4. Brent Spiner dropped into Alex Kingstone's autograph area at one of the LFCCs to say hi and have a brief chat.
  5. Thank you QS, I thought that might be the case. I will use your suggestion if I need assistance :)
  6. As I have attended several times before and I felt like I knew whats what, it didn't even occur to me to check the FAQs until now... *face palm* Ok, so I am a disabled attendee and I am attending with my carer (who is only attending to look after me!). I will be using a mobility scooter. We both have standard entry tickets, and when I asked last night on the forum I was told that we can both queue for entry at the door labeled "Disabled Attendees" on the plan. I have two Diamond tickets for myself. I realise that for one or two of the things included in the Diamond tickets that my carer will not be able to join me (we have decided that he will wait nearby, outside the area, as I should hopefully be ok by myself for those short spaces of time). Because I had not seen the post that I have quoted I have not emailed Too Tall re extra assistance. In the past my carer and I have just about managed to cope... Should I still email Too Tall or have I left it too late? If additional assistance is available it might make the event easier for me to cope with.
  7. Yes, your carer will be able to come in with you. That is great! Thank you!
  8. Sorry to add to all of the questions flying around, but: I am disabled and will be using a mobility scooter, and my carer is accompanying me. My carer and I need to queue together so that he can look after me. We both have General Entry tickets. I see that the Disabled Attendees are to queue for entry at the YALC/Central Hall Entrance... Does this include carers? Will my carer be able to queue with me there? (My carer is only going to be there as my carer, they are not interested in any of the activities for themselves!)
  9. Just tried that link again, and it appears to be fixed now. Thanks guys!
  10. Glad I could help :-) I got all excited thinking that the hotel code had been put up when I followed the first link, until I saw your post and realised that I had been sent to the wrong info. So I am thanking you back for pointing out that there was a problem before I tried to book the wrong hotel: Thank you!
  11. Thanks! But... If you click the word "venue" at the end of the first paragraph under the "Hallowhedon 6" subheading on the main page it takes you to the venue info for H5 (Birmingham!), while the "Venue information" link on the left hand side takes you to the correct venue info for H6 (Heathrow)... Please get this fixed before someone books the wrong hotel!
  12. If you click the word "venue" at the end of the first paragraph under the "Hallowhedon 6" subheading on the main page it takes you to the venue info for H5 (Birmingham!), while the "Venue information" link on the left hand side takes you to the correct venue info for H6 (Heathrow)... Please get this fixed before someone books the wrong hotel!
  13. That's such a shame for us fans, I was really looking forward to meeting her. But I am glad that she has got work, and it is the nature of conventions so not totally unexpected. I hope you can get her at another event soon (and one that I can go to!). I've still got three people at the event that I am particularly looking forward to seeming (like I was with Amy) so I am hoping that they all still make it to the event. I obviously tempted fate this morning when I ordered a couple of items for her to sign!!
  14. All booked thanks guys! Booked on the telephone. The rate we got for a twin room was £90 a night. Edit: booking got a bit mixed up, lady only booked us for one night! Got straight back on to them and made sure the booking was done for three nights. Now told that the Firday night is £90 while the Saturday and Sunday nights are £70 for a twin.... I am currently very confused and hoping that my room is booked ok!
  15. Sorry :S I just love all three Stargate series, and while I've met a reasonable amount of the actors there are still quite a few I would love to meet, or see again. Truth be told, that is the narrowed down list! I would rather get the names out there so that the organisers know that there is interest in those actors rather then not have them mentioned at all and thus not be considered. And with those that have already been suggested by others, I think it's important to show just how many people would like to see those actors. :)
  16. How have I not posted in my guest suggestions yet?? My guest suggestions are [drum roll] Claudia Black Beau Bridges Robert Carlyle Louis Ferreira David Blue Elyse Levesque Alaina Huffman Jamil Walker Smith Ming-Na Lou Diamon Phillips JR Bourne Carmen Argenziano Colin Cunningham Eric Breker Martin Christopher Peter Flemming Chuck Campbell Christopher Heyerdahl Robert Davi Kate Hewlett Jaime Ray Newman Jonathon Young Julia Benson Mike Dupod and BamBam! Anyone else really, if they are Stargate connected I am happy
  17. Hi jas_hall! Welcome to the forum! I would guess that the reason no one has suggested David Hewlett is because we had him at the last event (8.0) and he was fantastic fun (!!) but the organisers are unlikely to have him back so soon. I'm sure that come the guest suggestions thread for 8.2 his name will appear a lot
  18. I wasn't at the event but RichArt does that picture: http://www.richartprints.com/star-trek---the-movie-2009-657-p.asp Hope that helps :)
  19. Omg! I love that continuous panning shot that introduces Evan's office in Primeval: New World, the one that tracks them through the lab then sweeps up and around as they change levels. I won't admit to how many times i watched it. How have I not seen this?!? I am going to have to go and watch Primeval: New World now! The one that jumps to my mind is the opening to Stargate Continuum, a minute and 21 secs long (yes, i did just sit and time it) with so many things going on: starts off with a shot from a crane thingy, goes to a walking steady cam, follows a ton of people around, goes up and down stairs, catching various pieces of dialogue, hitting the lift doors as they open, then picking up and walking with SG1 towards the end... Don't like to think how long it took to set it up and film it!
  20. Lol! I am right there with you Ophelia! I always love his directing, particularly his long walk-and-talks-in-one-take which involve long circles around one corridor whilst looking like several corridors, and the walking into a lift and out of lift which doesn't actually move but still looks like different floors... And his commentaries are so interesting and funny... Yep totally going to fangirl too
  21. Great guest, thanks SM! I missed an opportunity to meet him once before and regretted it ever since, so I am very happy that he is now coming to Chevron!
  22. . Great guest! Thanks ME! Edit: just realised that I've gone through the guest announcements thanking ME when it's actuall SM *head desk* you know what I mean
  23. Whoop! Once I have met Rachel I will have met all Atlantis main cast members . Great guest, thanks ME!!
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