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  1. Any idea when the David Tennant stuff will be added to the schedule? My daughter has a diamond pass and I have a standard photoshoot. I'm desperate for an early night after today but need to know when we need to be in tomorrow as wasn't planning on getting in first thing based on the Matt Smith photoshoot we already have booked (2nd shoot).
  2. he's done at least 1 con that I know of, many years ago for his role in Star Trek Nemesis.
  3. and me :) I do think for them to be "legendary" it's got to be someone older, like Ian McKellan, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Anthony Hopkins etc.
  4. I'm fairly convinced it's Dame Maggie Smith, and her son is going so that might have convinced her to do it.
  5. omg omg omg omg omg yes!!!! I adore him, thank you so much <3
  6. I was pleased with my picture, even though in the flesh the set didn't look like much. I got home and compared it to photos of the actual living room set and I think it was mostly a pretty good match.
  7. We saw it in 3D on Friday and I think I preferred it in 2D. I found the 3D distracting and unnecessary for most of it and had the same "depth of field" issues as Raylenth mentioned.
  8. Saw it tonight in 2D and will see it again in 3D on Friday (hopefully). Amazing movie, awesome special effects and loved every minute of it.
  9. He was definitely there on Sunday afternoon as I got his autograph then. I dont recall exactly what time it was but it was definitely after 2.30. Also when my daughter and I were going to leave around 5.00ish we saw him walking past us so he was definitely there in the afternoon.
  10. Bring a portable charger, that's what we did, I think it's a bit much to expect to be able to have charging stations available these days when you can pick up a portable charger for a few £s at Primark or just about anywhere else.
  11. I've been attending LFCC since the one at Wembley Convention Centre (the first one?) and I think this has been my favourite so far. I didn't meet a huge amount of guests due to my own financial restrictions, but I really enjoyed yesterday, it was totally stress-free. The photoshoots I had all started bang on time, the queuing was organised efficiently and there was plenty of room to move. I enjoyed actually being able to see the stalls properly and my daughter bought lots of stuff. There were no queues for food or even the loos for the first time ever. Every crew member we encountered was happy and helpful and the general space made the whole event feel so much more fun. Everyone I bumped into commented on how much better it all was compared to last year. Oh and my photoshoot with Jeremy Renner was worth every penny I paid, that man is amazing and gives great hugs. I only booked 1 day this year as last year I felt so claustrophobic and unwell at times but if the event is like this in future I will go back to booking the full weekend again. Oh and I forgot to comment about the queuing in the hall to get in. So much better than in previous years with us snaking around the building. We got there about an hour before opening and when the doors opened at 9.00 we were inside within 2 minutes, no messing about, so much quicker and easier.
  12. oh no, Sean Maher's been moved to 9.30 in the morning on Sunday with only 1 shoot. I'm going to have trouble getting there early enough as the London Overground doesn't run at that time of the morning and the Northern Line will be shut from round here and it's going to be a long and awkward journey as it is
  13. Please be Zach McGowan, I'm sure his character from The 100 would fit as he's the king of the Ice Nation and the show is hot!
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