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  1. Graham Williams

    Showmasters and Massive Events Websites

    What was the website for the big Dr Who con next year ... i've lost the flyer from EMS ... i'm sure it's live now ?
  2. Graham Williams

    Photoshoot Refunds ..

    ok cheers ... i couldn't finf the post explaining it ...
  3. Graham Williams

    Photoshoot Refunds ..

    Just Wondeing When The Alex Kingston Photoshoot Refunds Will Be Put Back into To Our Banks ?
  4. Graham Williams

    Ian McNeice ....

    just noticed ... he signed the pic will churchill ... DIDN'T PAY £10 TO HAVE HIS CHARACTER NAME .. WANTED HIM TO SIGN IT IAN MCNIECE ... NOT HAPPY NOW
  5. Graham Williams

    Ian McNeice ....

    Yeah he was nice i'll give him that , he was telling everyone what KBO stood for .
  6. Graham Williams

    Photo thread

    Yeah i do .. i saw it getting taken , well i saw THEM getting taken (think he done 2 good ones) eve's Face was a Picture she couldn't stop laughing
  7. Graham Williams

    Photo thread

  8. Graham Williams

    Ian McNeice ....

    Here's The Offending Pic ..... Mind you it might say winston churchill can't tell as silver sharpie looks crap ..
  9. Graham Williams

    Event Feedback

    My only Gripe was The Issue I brought Up in My Post About Ian McNeice ... I Didn't Pay £10 To Have him Sign My 10x8 Will Churchill ... Didn't realise till This Morning when i finally got back home to liverpool .. WASTE oF £10 ...
  10. Graham Williams

    Photoshoot pickup

    The Pick-up was Better Than other Con's .. KEEP IT LIKE THIS PLEASE SM ..
  11. Graham Williams

    Guest cancellation - ALEX KINGSTON

    Nooooo .. she was one of my main reasons for goin ...
  12. Graham Williams

    EMS Countdown

    20 hrs 21 mins till doors open ....
  13. Graham Williams

    Auction info

    Damn The Auction On The Sat Is The Same Time as The Alex Kingston P/S
  14. Graham Williams

    Loving the last minute guests.....

    Hi, Oh Oh Oh please get Tom Baker to come as he is dearly needed for my collection! Baker, McGann and Tennant...... Yeah my Vote For tom Aswell ... MUST BE THE SAT !!!!
  15. Graham Williams

    VENUE INFORMATION - Layout of hall - UPDATED

    What Entrance is It ? The One Facing Earls Court Tube Station or West Brompton ?
  16. Graham Williams

    Any Chance ?

    Is There Any chance Of SM pulling out a coup and Getting Stephen Graham as a Last minute attendee for the sat seeing as he's in the Country ? He'll Be a Good Addition For Both Film & TV fans ...
  17. Graham Williams

    London Underground Closures

    i don't know any other tube route ... just looked at bus route and i can find the C1 goes from Victoria to Earls Court
  18. Graham Williams

    London Underground Closures

    Well I'm Screwed As Victoria to Earls court Is closed ... looks like i'll have to plan bus route or even worse 9get a taxi which will cost a bomb)
  19. Graham Williams

    this years Entertainment Media Show is at

    Well At LFACC there was running when the gates got opened
  20. Graham Williams

    this years Entertainment Media Show is at

    Thats A Big Help Thanx Jason ..
  21. Graham Williams

    Buzz Aldrin appearance rescheduled for next year

    Well The Olympics Are In London Next Year so maybe thats why it's moved to Birmingham ?
  22. Graham Williams

    Latest Guest Announcement - MAISIE WILLIAMS

    I was all set to scream yes ... till i saw Sunday Only ..... gutterd aswell ...love Game Of Thrones
  23. Graham Williams

    Guest cancellation - Temuera Morrison

    Not again ... oh well at least the money i was gonna spend on him can go on someone else ... hope he comes back ..
  24. Graham Williams

    I'm bored game

    Saturday Night - 10:15pm - nowt on telly - bored to hell
  25. Graham Williams

    latest guest Announcement - PAUL MCGANN

    hear hear .. PLEASE MAKE IT TOM BAKER ... he's the only living dr i've not got a pic with ..