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  1. Are disabled people expected to find the money to buy Gold Passes? Why is the extra help entrance the furthest point away from the train station and the disabled parking? I'm sorry - Showmasters and their crew are exceptionally good at helping me and my carer (certainly improving with the efficiency of the new wristbands etc.) and I am always more than grateful for this, but the entrance thing has baffled me over the last couple years - that extra walking distance can make a HUGE difference in a day/weekend that can already be debilitating.
  2. I used the number from the Hallowhedon website: 01908 671138. Hope this helps you also. The fact the money went into my account means they did receive my e-mails/details, just chose not to do anything with them until I chased them up, which is stupid, but oh well.
  3. Apparently e-mailing wasn't the way to go for me - after no replies I phoned the office. The lady I spoke to was under the impression everybody'd been refunded but promised to look into it for me. Within an hour I was refunded - if I'd known that was the way to go I would have done that WEEKS ago. Still not happy about how this was handled and would like to know why my refund was ignored, but I guess I should just be happy I have my money back FINALLY. Many thanks to QS for all your attempts to get us answers over the past 3 months and to the lady at the office who helped me.
  4. I've sent messages to shop@showmastersevents.com but still haven't had a reply - can somebody please confirm if I'm sending the messages to the right address or if I should be sending them somewhere else? Thanks :)
  5. I sent an e-mail and messaged via the form on the HW website - fingers crossed one of them gets through.........
  6. After lilbuzz155 got their refund I was hoping maybe the rest would be done so I waited all week and surprise, surprise, nothing. I sent a polite e-mail AGAIN sending my bank details and still nobody has even bothered to reply - I guess they're enjoying all that interest they're gaining from our money being in their bank account Tried phoning today but got no answer and discovered there was another event this weekend so going to try again tomorrow and if I have no luck it will be time to send another e-mail threatening legal action because it'll be a month this weekend since the event was even supposed to have happened. I used to have such respect for these guys.....just WTF?
  7. Still no bank transfer here Maybe I've been too polite and need to send a more persistent e-mail? *sigh*
  8. I spotted Yvie (I'm pretty sure it was her) at Brighton Comic Con and wanted to query her about how many of this 'most' that have purportedly received their refunds are actually imaginary and if there was any definitive news that I could come away with......unfortunately I was stuck in a queue, though, so didn't get chance It's been a month since we were asked for our bank transfer/cheque address details. I was joking when I said I was curious to see what the next excuse would be but this has gone way beyond a joke. The office haven't even had the common decency to reply to our messages to say 'sorry, we're dealing with it' or something. Yes, there are other events happening - there are ALWAYS other events happening - but we shouldn't be punished as a result.
  9. Many thanks, QS My bank transfer hasn't shown up either I've re-emailed my details to the shop. If I don't hear anything in the next day or so I will message you (trying to save your mailbox until then LOL )
  10. I didn't mean to sound passive-aggressive towards you, QS, sorry - I'm just feeling frustrated with the whole situation. I appreciate that you can only tell us what you've been told and am really grateful that you're at least trying to keep us informed. Unfortunately it feels like the office have moved on to other things and have forgotten about us, at least IMO.
  11. I really appreciate you trying to keep us informed, QS, but when you said 'by the end of the week', which week/year did you mean? Because it apparently wasn't last week LOL (sorry, I'm trying to stay light-hearted because we're on the other side of when the event would have happened and this situation has gone beyond a bad joke)
  12. I sent my bank details as soon as I got the e-mail and still no word. Curious to see what the excuse will be when we're still waiting another month down the line LOL
  13. Considering this event has been moved to the 'Previous Events' section of the forum, I feel like everybody's rushing to sweep this under the rug and forget it was ever going to happen. I respect Yvie and the rest of the crew are busy with other things, but I think that's why this never got off the ground in the first place - there are too many SM events now being run and the crew are spread thinly as a result. I want to flood the e-mail address with messages to remind them we're still here waiting, but at the same time know the work Yvie et al are stressed doing in their day-to-day lives etc, so feel torn. I want to go to Film & Comic Con Brighton to make up for this let down, but can't afford to buy any tickets until I get this refund And what's the deal regarding the 'gift'?
  14. I know not everyone can make it on certain days, but I can't believe the people only attending on Sunday expected to definitely see a 91 year old man who'd been tirelessly signing and taking photos for the previous two days. At my age even I was barely able to function after Saturday. A friend of mine who could only attend Sunday knew this might happen and got me to get his autograph on Saturday for her. None of this was Stan Lee's fault or pass holders' fault etc. - people need to take factors into account like how big the celebrity is, age, realistic goals, etc., and schedule their weekend from there.
  15. Most of my issues have pretty much been covered by everybody else. Once upon a time the 'limited numbers' really meant about 150 passes or so. Then the price got hiked up slightly, but instead of feeling more special, the number of available passes shot through the roof. On Friday the Gold/Silver/Gold comic etc queue stretched back to the entry gates. I can't say this year's LFCC has put me off going Gold in the future as so much stress was somewhat alleviated by the help given with getting into queues and so forth. But the Gold Pass room was an awful joke - we stepped in, hoping to take a much needed break, only to see the state of it and leave to find a solid wall to sit against. And the sheer volume of people with passes just seemed to made it confusing for the crew about which pass gave what access. My friend and I chatted with some other Gold Pass holders in a photo queue about the people who'd been complaining about pass holders getting first access, I think that's one of the main things that's been annoying me. I've seen in the complaining threads on here about how dare pass holders get access to Stan Lee's queue and then not have any time left for VTs. I paid nearly £200 for the privilege (before the Gold Pass changed) and yet I still struggled to get into an autograph session with him on Saturday just because of the numbers. I guess my point is just that, yes it pretty much did it's job, but as others have pointed out, we felt a lot less special, and I'm really disappointed that Showmasters haven't realised how much of a debacle this was and yet still might have extra passes for future events.
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