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  1. Lala Collins

    Some problems with the weekend.

    There were A4 sized wall signs put up on Friday night. Perhaps they were moved?
  2. Lala Collins

    And Thank you from me...

    Thank you from me. I don't get to crew as many as I'd like to due to other commitments but I've always had a great time whatever job you give me to do! See you next year.
  3. Lala Collins

    Some problems with the weekend.

    Unfortunately heating and lighting are a venue issue and beyond Showmasters control.
  4. Lala Collins

    all Dealers Tables now sold out

    Now if I can find some Warner Brothers merchandise (that I don't already have) it would be amazing!!
  5. Lala Collins

    display case

    I've got two Bertby's in my bathroom housing some of my extensive Warner Brothers Collection.
  6. Lala Collins

    latest Guest Announcement - ADRIAN PAUL

    I may actually have to go and get an autograph! Drooling already! (Sorry Elvis!) Fingers crossed for a few minutes off to go and buy one !
  7. Lala Collins

    latest Guest Announcement - KATY MANNING

    She is madder than a box of frogs - but lovely!!
  8. Lala Collins

    We need more crew for this years event

    Have we got enough crew yet or can I spread the word a bit further?
  9. Lala Collins

    London Confirmations

    You - Now reply or die Quick!! Get TT some milk!!
  10. Lala Collins

    London Confirmations

    In Central London it's never a good idea to bring a car in unless you are guaranteed a paid parking space! Look forward to meeting you at the event.
  11. Lala Collins

    London Confirmations

    A friend of mine has just applied - she won't need accommodation as is studying near to the area.
  12. Lala Collins

    We need more crew for this years event

    Crewing is always worth giving up your weekend. I've always had fun and you're never too old to crew. If you don't know anything just ask - we don't bite and we're always happy to help out the noobs. I've done VT, guest assistant, cosplay, cash, photoshoot and a couple of others I've forgotten. Perks? What perks?? Ooooh, lunch! That's a perk. I think?
  13. Lala Collins

    Rainbow Dust

    Thank you!
  14. Lala Collins

    New Years Party "4" come & join fellow fans & crew

    For those of you not able to go to the MK party and live in the London-ish area Me & Elvis are having one in Romford, Essex and all welcome. Bring a bottle or there's an off licence next door and a pub in walking distance! Contact me on lalacollins@hotmail.com.
  15. Lala Collins

    Andrea Attempting to Feed Showmasters Crew

    http://roflrazzi.com/2008/11/11/celebrity-...ombies-kit-kat/ Saw this and just had to link it!