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  1. Good on you. You'll have a lot of fun, and restored insanity is indeed welcome. I'm a member of Bree, the Copenhagen TS, and my wife is member in both that and a Swedish TS. As long as you're a member of one you're welcome to parties in them all. And I'm not an intellectual either - I just love the stories, the films, the parties, the songs (oh man, the songs are a hoot: just wait till your first go at "High flies the Nazgul, O'"). You're welcome to write us at ethuil @ bree.dk if you want to know more about what goes on in our neck of middle-earth. Welcome to a guaranteed good time with likeminded Tolkien fans. That goes for you too, Voronwe.
  2. Jo, and everyone else: There IS a LOTR party going on all the time. It's in the various Tolkien Societys of the world. TS's are not a bunch of dusty academics sitting around discussing whether balrogs had wings or not, refusing to see beyond the books. They've seen the films, they attend cons, they know how to party like you wouldn't belive it. And the thread holding it all together is the professor's wonderful work. And it's open for everyone to join. There's a TS in nearly every country, and in some countries in every major town. They visit each other for huge banquets/themed parties in which the costumes made during the year is proudly displayed, and "new" medieval recepies tried out on questing palates. In other words: Parties! We're going to "Mithlond" next weekend (that's a TS in Sweden) with this years themed party: "Mirkwood fall party - only the trees can hear you sing!". Yup, it's a three-day long musical! Cant' wait to see Thranduil's hills come alive.
  3. From what I have heard from some people behind RC Germany, it was mostly the named that was lent to RC UK, not much else. It was supposed to be SM's event to run.
  4. I think one of the problems here might be that SM are used to running signing events, not cons. A signing event is relatively easy to put up (to be very basic, you need names, a room and some tables!), whereas a con takes months and months of everyday planning; putting a schedule together, which alone is h***, and all those other things that you don't really need to have signings.
  5. *sigh* That is what I'm saying... well, not that it's scandalous as there's not much you can do when you simply don't get enough money to cover your expenses, let alone pay anyone. I have said as much all the time; it's a shame, it's horrible, but what could have been done? Yes, there could have been hoensty about it instead of the complete disappearance of some people. But I can't do much about that. How is that disingenious? I've had the same opinion all the time; you're the one who keeps claiming I don't care that people didn't get paid.
  6. ROFL I'm bashing Showmasters? As opposed to all the people in this thread who have said they regret bying their tickets etc.? Perhaps you need to look up the word "bash". I merely pointed out there was no point in blaming the fans for lack of guests and information. The attitude of the fans has absolutely nothing to do with a show's ability to get good guests and advertise properly, and it is ridiculous to claim as much. I don't know if you saw my post in which I wrote the following: Apparently, I do. The show went bankrupt; that should have been made very clear. Apologies should have been made, but there was no way anyone could have gotten paid as there were no money. As for the "favourite actors"; I have had a talk to some of them about it; and so far, people have agreed that nothing could have been done about the money situation but there should have been honesty about it. I always have been, but that particular ball was never in my court. Perhaps you need to actually read the topic you post in before commenting on things taking out of its context.
  7. Ehm, I haven't said a word about your particular spelling. All I said was that, ironically, there is someone on this board with the exact same pattern of "speech" and the exact same spelling mistakes as the person who went on and posted some rather untrue things about TFF. Unless that is you, you shouldn't have to feel particularly touched by that. I wasn't in the financial team, thank God. But I was very much involved, and so I think you can take it from me that what you call "misinformation" is, actually, the truth. I know exactly what went on "behind" the even and what didn't - I was there all the way through. So before you claim that what I say is false, perhaps you should ask yourself how much you know for a fact yourself. Well, at least it's a word even non-dyslexics have problems spelling...
  8. Oh, you mean someone here actually thought so? Can you quote that part for me (I can't find it - neither the figures you mention nor the post saying that finances doesn't matter at all.)
  9. Err, no. A ripoff is deliberate. A bankrupcy is not. I think any good dictionary would tell you as much... Oh, you mean they won't actually try to lose money? Dang... so that's where TFF went wrong!
  10. Yes, obviously people sign up at the forum, pay for tickets, and spend night after night here debating simply to put some blame on some people they've never met. That's some nice view you have of your fans, there. Ah, nevermind that people had a good time while being there? Good idea; people going to a con really only go there because they're interested in the financial reports, not for the fun... Second, funny though how that con got so many good reviews (here, as well) even though there was someone - interestingly enough with the same horrid spelling as I've seen in some posts here - who kept spreading lies about it, claiming it would never happen and that some of the guests had even signed contracts that they would never attend the con. Guests that, miraculously, showed up anyway... Life's funny that way, innit? Actually, the FF suffered more from the arena charging ridiculous amounts of money only to then not devlier what was promised; it suffered from not being able to set up proper decorations because the arena threatened to set everything on fire to make sure it was fire proof; the arena doing everything it could to make sure things got as unpractical as possible for the people working there (such as moving the stunt fight due to "security reasons" and then moving it to a far more dangerous place but allowing the hobbit dancing and make-up session to be held on a crowded balcony and yet demanding that there be an opening in the crowd (fire regulations) - and for all this, said event was charged so ridiculously much that not even twice as many attendees could have saved it. I agree that the situation afterwards was, actually, not just handled badly but rather not handled at all, which is a shame. It could have gone down with more grace. But as for getting attendees, there was no problem. Once more, perhaps some work should be done on customer relations... telling possible paying customers to take their complaints and shove them won't sell you many tickets. Or hire you the Tolkien Society.
  11. Can I just ask why you expected there to be that many guests? I'm not quite sure what you're basing that expectation on? Well, both another show (the original...) and TFF (hurray for freedom of speech!) had around that number, so that might be where it comes from.
  12. *shrugs* Depends what you're interested in. I think it needs the film actors and the costume makers and the language experts and the book experts and the make-up people, etc. Something for everyone! I'm sorry, but I wouldn't attend if it was just the things you listed because I don't have a lot of disposable income and it wouldn't be something I'd be interested in. Same here - it needs to be a very diverse range of events to appeal to the wide range of people who may well be attending. Exactly what I'm saying. Actors alone don't cut it for an event like this. A bit of everything is needed to make a good convention and make everyone happy. Sorry if you girls thought I meant that they didn't need to be their at all. They are the spice on the meat and po-ta-toes which is the professors story. But you will never make a proper meal of it if you forget where the story came from to begin with (and no, I'm not a member of the British Tolkien Society )
  13. Davi...err, Daisy. Sure, very nice. Would like to meet him but would not buy a flight to London, hotel room and con tickets for him alone. Particularly not if JRD is the other "main" guest. I had the displeasure of hearing him talk at the original another show in Germany, and a big part of his speach was so out of order; If people don't like muslims it's sorta their own problem, and I have no beef with it if they wail about it in private - or in public if they are politicians. But to use your platform as an actor, at a Lord of the Rings event, to complain that your granddaughters - who are not even born yet - could possibly some day be forced to wear a veil in public if the world continues on it's present course.... and so forth. He's very entitled to his opinion, but in my book, he used the very worst forum to voice it in. I went there to hear him speak about his experience making the films, and hopefully his love for Tolkien, but ended up hearing the joke "No, I don't have Orlando Bloom's phone number, but if I did I WOULD give it to you" seven times, plus the aforementioned, and so out of place, political speach about the fate of the western world. Again, don't get me wrong: if he doesn't like muslims, religious domination, and some of the terror born out of that fanatisicm I could totally agree with him. And I'd gladly participate in a debate about society today and the dangers facing it - like say... in a BBC themed evening. As long as it wasn't at all LOTR related. Consequently, I have avoided events that included him, so in my book he's a minus, not a plus. That said, I must agree with many of you that film actors do not a convention make. The costume makers, language experts, dance instructors, book experts, are the fabric that holds it together. UK, my vote is thanks, but no thanks. I shall rather keep an eye on the developments in Germany and see if the "multi film" con prospect can be viable. That future could be fun too, as long as it keeps the format that another show Germany has managed so well over the years.
  14. But how can you even begin to compare a "collectormania" to a convention where you should ideally fill several stages with simultaneous events that'll cater to every craving of Tolkien fans, be they book or film buffs? It's one thing to go to a show to get an autograph and perhaps a photo op, but it's not even close to the ballpark to compare it to a real another show. I'm not even looking into flights or trains to London till I see some indication that this event will even try to pretend to have anything to do with the original another show. Film-guests are only one ingredient of many in the stew that makes a Lord of the Rings gathering palatable.
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