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  1. I just have to ask as I'm very curious about this. What excactly IS a "sponsored guest"? I know that photo shoots and autographs from them are not included in the ticket prices, as I met Alexis at HW5, but WHO pays for them to come? :)
  2. James Masters, please!!! And Chris Hemsworth!!!! Yay! And Robert Downey Jr?
  3. Ok! Thanks! Didn't want to risk being the only one that's not in a very fancy cocktail dress.
  4. Do People dress up very much for the cocktail party? Like suits, fancy dresses and high heels? I haven't attended since HW2 and I can't quite recall... However, I seem to remember that quite a lot of People wore just normal clothes like t-shirts and jeans etc? I might be wrong...
  5. The Fox With Ylvis! Hihi!
  6. YAY! Thanks Too Tall! Now I'm even more excited!
  7. HW1 was amazing! James was such a nice guy. He had a lot of pain in his back, and he signed autographs while laying on a table! I was so impressed! He's wonderful with fans!
  8. Forum Name - Venus78 Real Name - Kristin Age/Location - 35 What Ticket have you got? - Gold! Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 5? - James Marsters - even though I've met him before. He's such a sweet guy! Other Hallowhedons attended - 1 and 2 Hotel? I'll be staying at the con hotel. Facebook/MySpace etc - Yes, I'm on Facebook Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - I do have msn/skype. Favourite Movie? I have quite a few - depending on my mood, but The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Love Actually are Worth mentioning! :) Favourite Other TV Show(s)? I have a lot. Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, NCIS, The Mentalist, Once Upon a Time, True Blood..... Favourite Music? Josh Groban, Il Divo, a-ha, Robbie Williams, Take That, Westlife ,Lauren Alaina, Ylvis, David Guetta ++++ else we need to know? Nothing that I can come up With right now Photo? See my profile :)
  9. I totally agree! It's too bad there aren't any updates on the main page. That's what sells - not the forum.
  10. The Facebook app! LOL Who is your favourite actor of all times?
  11. Aaaaww! That's really disappointing! (Even though I'm happy for her!) It would be great if she could be replaced With another guest. James Marsters??? YAY! Hihi...
  12. Wow! That would be AWSOME!!!!
  13. Maybe Seth could come and sign for free, then? LOL!I I would LOVE to see James Marsters again! He's just amazing!
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