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  1. Got here around 7am and was in the line of people along the front of ec2 got in around 9.05 got my vt for john hurt when i eventually found the smaller queue that was dishing out the tickets for him rather than the longer queue actually FOR him. But yes health and safety would have a field day today. God knows what tomorrow is going to be like. After all this time it still baffles me why people only turn up at say 8.55 knowing the doors open at nine yet they think they can turn up at 8.59 and think they will be able to just walk in..
  2. Well i got to where i wanted with planet of the spiders. Have watched part six of the seeds of doom earlier today. Tend to have a break for a week or so in-between seasons. Up next the masque of mandragora.
  3. Wherever I stand in line be it at the back in the middle or about two other people away from the guests table at least one person would want to go THROUGH the line and its always right past me sometimes I get asked others just brush past in typical ignorant fashion. Also I have been caught with press interviews and dealers who want 500 photos signed which TBH is pretty bloody annoying. But as per nothing can be done about it. Time is not on our side at the best of times at these events even more so now at this one where you got to be in two halls at the same time. Still wont have to put up w
  4. Just get VTs for who YOU think is going to be big. Who do YOU want to meet the most? I was totally gobsmacked at MK when Carl Weathers was there for the first time and he was open q open q for someone from Predator? come on!!!! see it just comes down to personal taste. Someone like me would go ga ga over someone from Predator but would not blink at someone like Pedro Pascal... Personally just get here ASAP and get the VTs for the guests YOU think is gonna be problematic. When I say that I mean regarding busy and large lines of fans/dealers, other people walking past and taking photos on thei
  5. Considering the photo shoots and talks that Mr Lee is doing plus more extra shoots etc ill be surprised if ANYONE gets an autograph from him personalised or not.
  6. This is where the kilbracken cloning technique would come in handy instead we have to CHOOSE which line we want FIRST. Being in two places at the same time is not possible, the weekend is going to be busy enough and as I only go for autographs as I don't have time/want to do talks, photoshoots, free hugs, etc. Being expected to prioritise guests seems a mite unfair to me, as surely the organisers want as many of the paying public to meet as many guests as possible.? We cant decide who we want first as not all the guests are there ALL WEEKEND. Be interesting reading after the show to see w
  7. Someone else who has pulled out then yes its looking good so far really thinking is there any point in me going now?
  8. Yes I second this get as many as poss as my set of 10x8 photos are screaming out to get signed. But as this is my last show then it wont make any difference really......
  9. well the way guests are dropping out at this rate it will be none:(
  10. Shia Labeouf was coming but he bottled it apparently. Still no point being bitter about it. His car broke down on the way so the AA were called out. They had him over a barrel.
  11. Typical as he was the one artist I really wanted. Oh well never mind.......
  12. Hi can anyone clarify what the procedure is for meeting comic artists and authors? as I just want to meet them and get one maybe two autos from them do I need tickets or anything special to meet them and do they charge for autos like the guests from tv and film do? cheers.
  13. Maybe i am doing it wrong but i have 41 guests on my list all meet/autos no photoshoots. Plan to get 22 on the Friday will make my life easier then sat/sun. Wonder who my LAST guest meet will be?
  14. Don't really fancy having my pic taken in public when i am on the throne but hey each to their own.
  15. Plenty of overtime selling on ebay to raise funds for my last con.finish work half day to get home check last time i have everything tickets money food photos sharpies. Get train to London early Friday. Check in hotel then stand outside venue waiting for six pm to arrive. The beginning of the end is here.
  16. Or cosplay as the England manager with his P45 in hand and a paper with the vacancies for jobs section.
  17. Yes need to know as to what's occurrin about the authors as i want four now. I mean this is the guy who wrote remembrance of the daleks for crying out loud.
  18. Cant remember my first one but lfcc next month will be my last one:(
  19. Yes i shall have to get the black out yes black and dark and black. They tap at my windows with tiny poles. What's for tea tonight mother? Maggots on toast? They cast my soul into a sea of shadows. Where shall we have tea tonight mother? On fathers grave? We crawl on our knees towards our doom. Black black aarrgh the woe and despair....
  20. Oooh you know isn't it? Soccer mmmarvelous enduring image though isn't it ? Arnt they? Will they? Wont they? But you know its a far cry these days isn't it from small boys in the park and jumpers for goal posts. Marvellous stuff someone mentioned Wimbledon and you summer the crowds those short short shorts on the ladies of course none of that nonsense back in my time. mmmm strawberries.£20 a punnet mmmm enduring image though isn't it? Chalk dust everyone could see it was chalk dust mmmmmm you know marvellous.
  21. Has Belinda Mayne cancelled? Her photo has gone from the guests pages sorry i meant page.
  22. At last someone else with my way of thinking less is more but sadly as this will be my last lfcc its too little too late
  23. cant say as this will be my last one, once it stops being fun give it up less is more et al.
  24. Doesn't really matter what time you get there as no doubt a large limo or bus will pull up and thee person right in front of me will allow everyone who just pulled up at ten to nine to stand with them and make the line of people even bigger. I swear if i had a quid for everytime that has happened to me
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