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  1. Forget Terence stamp he is up there with Chris eccleston. Pity i know as i would kill for those two
  2. Thing is on the Sunday i gave her my spare photo which was a different shot that i had signed. So i don't know if she put it on the table and someone had it or if she was keeping it to get copies done to bring with her at future events. As i say if it was on the table it would have been a close up torso shot of her drenched in blood at the rave and it would have been the only one copy of it there.
  3. For the first time i have attended these shows and noone selling UNSIGNED 10x8 photos? Plenty of presigned ones but i was hoping to get a couple of pics and to see what was in the guests at future events box had to offer. Also i noticed that one or two other dealers that normally there without fail... Were not. Not sure if this is cause they were at another show or if they simply felt it was not economically viable. Be interesting to find out. Surprised to see a stall there selling fudge at a comic con? And one or two other stalls which i felt were a bit out of place here. Not meaning to demea
  4. Had a cool chat with a guy and his daughter in the queue in front of me Saturday morning in the pay on the day line. I was about 20 or so down the line from the doors. My daughter was with me as well. It made the time go very quick. Shame i didn't see em again Sunday as i felt like an eternal...
  5. Hi all just to say did anyone get traci lords from blade at all? She have any different pics? As i met her Saturday.
  6. Yeah awesome i was first there to meet him. Doesn't happen often but love it when it does....
  7. Yes saw a lot of hot toys which if you win the lottery about twice a year,you may be able to purchase. Lot cheaper to buy direct from Hong Kong and you don't get stung by customs etc. A mate of mine does it and has not had any problems at all. When i saw a cleaner predator aka the wolf for £330 i start to wonder what the hell?
  8. Even though the weekend went very well i still ended up having about ten cigarettes. Thing is i don't even smoke....
  9. It was awesome. Everything is awesome when you're part of a team. Etc. Lol.
  10. Well on the train home now after another fruitful escapade over the weekend. Met all 25 guests i wanted. But i would like to take this chance to thank Ms Bryant for being patient with me as i sorted my seven items out for her to sign. She was impressed with my berry sharpie pen and asked me if this means that the figures wont be coming out to play. I said no they are staying boxed/carded. After a three year wait i finally got to meet her and get my items and i am well chuffed or orbiting cloud nine. Thank you Nicola and if you are reading this you have made one Doctor Who fan/collector very ha
  11. My daughter and i were the very first ones to meet him very rare i am first in the q for a guest. Anyways top bloke and i had him on a ripper street pic and a got pic for my mate. All told another laid back day and i had ten guests today and was done and dusted by half ten. God if only all the shows were like this.
  12. Awesome thanks for that its a big help. Cheers.
  13. Bugger double posted again. If someone could remove this one that be good cheers.
  14. Hi this may sound daft but it will be of help to me. Can anyone confirm if Mr Flynn will be in a booth similar to Carrie Fisher or will he be part of the four lines of guests ? Cheers.
  15. Hi this may sound daft but it will be of help to me. Can anyone confirm if Mr Flynn will be in a booth similar to Carrie Fisher or will he be part of the four lines of guests ? Cheers.
  16. I so agree with this. What a change from July. I had 15 guests to meet and autographs wise i was done and dusted by 11.50 and i was by the gates in the morning by half six. Very laid back no sense of pressure or anything. If today goes half as well as yesterday id be happy......
  17. "what? No not the mind probe" classic. Nice guy met him a few years ago never knew he was an at at driver till he was announced last time
  18. Same here bring em on i mean if the whole cast can go to a certain event...
  19. To the poster asking me about the Dr who talk on Sunday. NO i don't do talks or photo shoots. Never have done in all the years and venues. I attend to meet the guests get their autographs then go to the dealers area then leave. Simples. If i have anything else to do i wouldn't be able to do what i go to these shows for which is autographs and merchandise. Keep it simple works for me. That's what annoys me when i am in a queue for a guest and have to wait for him/her to come back from a talk or shoot. I know everyone is different and the majority of people attending love the talks and shoots bu
  20. Well well another cancellation. Not that i wanted him myself but in the last run up to the show guests dropping out. I am on pins and egg shells re Nicola Bryant.....
  21. Knowing my luck its Chris eccleston peter capaldi john hurt David Tennant and matt smith
  22. No photos till 12pm? awesome I should be out of the venue by then then as I only got 16 guests to meet. fantastic if all goes to plan then happy days.
  23. And Dan starkey as well as my triple shot of the paternoster gang just needs him so i can retire it....
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