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  1. not wanting to cause a ruckuss or offense but in the scene in Empire outside Han Solos cell Boba Fett was played by Jon Morton. I have seen many a person with that photo of Lando Vader and Fett and it was signed by Williams Prowse and Bulloch. Still each to thier own i suppose. For confirmation of this just look it up in the Dawn Of The Bounty Hunters book that came with the 12" Aurra Sing figure. As Bulloch was not available for that scene someone else had to play him. I think this is why he played the imperial officer dragging Leia away as she screamed "its a trap".
  2. Hi all as i am unfortunate in not being able to attend the show, a friend of mine is going and getting me the autos i require. I had a text off him at 11.15 this morning to say that Naoko is not there yet if at all today. Does this mean then that she is not there at all? or wil she be there with Burn tomorrow?. I really do hope so as i only need these two to finish my set of 10x8 photos and a montage board of the five main cast members. please note this is not a rant and a riot im just trying to find out information so i can text my mate later.
  3. After some searching on the net i found to my horror that two characters that were in the original Star Wars (who were also at the show last weekend) were played by two different people. The first instance was the character SAURIN aka CROC in the cantina scene was played by Robert A Denham. But apparently Laurie Goode played him/her/it. And in the other instance the Jawa that actually shot R2-D2 in the canyon (oooh er) was played by Tiffany l Kurtz and NOT by Rusty Goffe. And seeing as she was the grandaughter or some relation to THE PRODUCER of the film i think this is more feasable. Now
  4. Well i for one really enjoyed the weekend and the venue. It made such a change from having all the guests in one row rather than walk from one end of a venue to the other. And there was plenty of space to walk around in as well (rather than get bashed about and crushed by other peoples bags and rucksacks etc) The only gripe i had (which has been explained)was the sudden change in prices for the autographs esp the star wars guests. For example when i met Jack Klaff and got his auto just as we were leaving his table a new notice was put up and the auto price was changed from £10 to £15 so
  5. Hells teeth all my original posting was about the lack of choice of photos. The people who say bring your own item instead wellDUH i didnt think of doing that! My point was the lack of photos in general didnt matter if was a fault on showmasters or the dealers or even myself FOR NOT BRINGING MY OWN PHOTO but maybe i didnt bring my own because i couldnt find one to bring with me in the first place. Why do people put posts on here in the first place when you cant air your your views without being ripped apart like you just pissed on someones bonfire. So basically we are told that if you dont hav
  6. After attending the last MK show recently i was very dissapointed on the lack of choice of 10x8 photos for Danny Webb i could not believe that there were photos to be had of his character from ALIEN 3. The most of them were from Dr Who. I asked a lot if not all the photo dealers if they had any and they said no. So i left that weekend without a DW autograph. No disrespect to Mr Webb or anybody else but i find that a few of the shows i have been to recently when it comes to choice of photos it leaves a lot to be desired. Surely in the case of Mr Webb an actor who has an impressive CV,there woul
  7. Due to the lack of information re this matter i felt that i had no choice but to go to BOTH days Because sods law would dictate that if i went to one day only then the other guests i would like to meet would be there for the day i would not be there. Cunning plan on showmasters part me thinks? Get people to go to BOTH days then it doesnt matter if they post the guest days up or not. I can appreciate the organisers are busy etc etc but just having some BASIC information like guest days and prices really helps me and no doubt countless others who attend the various shows to budget. The last five
  8. Well i for one enjoyed the show as a whole the Sat was better than the Sunday though as i waited for about 4 hrs or so for just one more auto (and my last one for the weekend) but it was spacious and the unexpected arrival of Ian Whyte was a bonus. The dealers area was well organised and i managed to find a few items for some friends of mine back home. As i am a collector of mechandise and autographs it was a very good show and i would like to take this chance to say many thanks to Showmasters for a very good event BUT as i said before as i collect autographs i did find it frustrating that SOM
  9. Yes it was a pity that he could not make it but i look at it this way, Bill Oddie appearing again at a future show? not very likely as he is busy with his nature programmes etc and i consider him to be the rarest of the three of them so in a way having two out of three of them is better than nothing. It would be nice though to try and get all three again at the same event so who knows? fingers crossed.
  10. Tony - so it's ok for your wife to take a photo of the guest signing (as you made clear you do in the above thread you started), but for anyone else we should all go to a feckin photoshoot? Isn't that slightly idiotic. Why do you have the right to take a photo but no-one else does?? I think you're just trying to wind people up - get a life. Oh, and in terms of vegetables - I think you're probably a cabbage. Actually if you could read properly what I'm getting at is the fact you wait 1/2 hour in a queue only to find that the guest is going for photoshoot or talk! Can't they be done
  11. I was referring to the people who were pushing past the queues just to take photos, and not just one but several of the same person!! Actually the photos we took were very good, and I didn't need to get Patrick Stewart as I've met him before and got a very nice photo with him as well! My photos didn't involve other members of the public, and I didn't push forward to get any photos, and I only took 1 photo of each guest! (didn't need any more as photo was )
  12. Well i was actually refering to the people at the show NOT ON the forum and also, nothing is the matter with me i am just excercising my freedom of speech.
  13. You said in your other thread that YOU got your wife to take pics of you and the guest at the desk so YOU could avoid a photoshoot. SO WHICH THREAD DO YOU WANT US TO BELIEVE? Newsflash: where film stars are appearing in public and signing autographs, people are sure to take photos...with a flash. Be warned. We use a digital camera and it doesnt take 2 secs to take one with a guest. And at least the guest is there at the table rather than being elsewhere at the venue.
  14. That's gotta be one of the most ridiculous things I've read here. You're joking, right? What "fan" wouldn't wanna go to a talk??!!! It's a chgance to hear the guest speak in a more relaxed setting and hear other fans opinions etc. Its the perfect opportunity to ask the guest whatever you want that you normally wouldnt be able to find out by other means. Do you mean to tell us that a signature alone is all that matters to you? Well yes i go to these shows to meet them and get an autograph any questions i ask them when i meet the guest. !!
  15. My eyes were working before July the 19th but now they dont as work as well as they used to as they were constantly flashed by peoples cameras every 2 sodding mins. If you want photos GO TO A FECKING PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!! And what about peoples privacy? i thought permission had to be sought before you were snapped or filmed? and just how many photos of THE SAME guest do you actually need? safe to say there were some right fecking vegetables at the show and it really started to **** me off (but only slighty mind) it was a real eye opener i dont mind telling you.
  16. So Patrick Stuart wasnt allowing handshakes? and considering you had to pay to go to his talk pay for his photoshoot AND pay for his autograph that makes meeting him (albeit breifly) very expensive. Im suprised we didnt have to roll up to meet him in a plastic ball in case any infectious germs appear. Now before anyone starts i am all too aware of the fact that the organisers get major funding from the photshoots AND talks, but its a right pain in the spam when a guest first appears on the day(s) in question sits down for about half an hr then buggers off to a talk then goes STRAIGHT to a pho
  17. I met him and he was a most pleasant guest. I asked him to add my Time Bandits photo "when i have the map i will be free" altogether a nice experience at least i didnt have to wait best part of 4 and a half hrs for him. Cant stop i gotta go to a photoshoot now.
  18. I know this may seem like "early days" but any chance of a full and complete and most importantly list of all the guests and prices and days as i so really need to plan my budget and there ia less than a week to go no pressure. i know things are subject to change i can appreciate that but surely everything should be wrapped up by now but more guests are added all the time and what has happened to Anthony Higgins? PLEASE NO MORE GUESTS TO BE ADDED AND LETS HAVE AN UPTODATE LIST.
  19. M y heart skipped a beat when i saw Mrs Weaver on TV this afternoon (she is over here to promote Wall.E) So i thought well seeing as she is over here now.....
  20. I always try and get the characters name written on my 10x8s and always ask (if it is possible) to write a quote that THAT particular person said and even a bigger bonus is if the actual photo is from that actual scene. EXAMPLE Robert Davi "its nothing personal its purely buisness" / Vernon Wells "put the knife away and shut your mouth" BUT he did sign it as Matrix NOT Bennett. and a personal fav of mine Brandon Routh "ill always be around" At the end of the day its up to you but on a limited time scenario MK AND John Barrowman its a case of just get the auto ANYTHING ELSE IS A BONUS. I real
  21. Original prop display? and theres me for all these years thinking that EVERYTHING was kept under lock and key at the Lucasfilm Ranch.
  22. ns Ms So Mr Lloyd is here for BOTH days? Just as well ,as no doubt the line of people to see him will be rushed through at the rate of 88MPH or over if thats the case you are going to see some serious s***. Dont get me wrong its very impressive that he is here but to fork out £25 for a blink and you miss it episode i start to wonder is it really worth it?.
  23. Just to say that i met BOTH actors before and they are really nice guys,VERY chatty and pleasant. But i am HOPING for Allison Doody.
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