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  1. Any additional Sunday guests would be great, very disappointed with the numbers compared with Saturdays.
  2. I have two with the Summer 2020 9n them and one without that says it a free one. I will take them all and see what happens.
  3. Does the date on ticket matter, mine has both the original date and underneath the shows dates for November?
  4. It's not, my Eventbrite account has them down as a separate transaction and there is only one whereas I have more than one ticket on my original order.
  5. Nope, I have no vouchers, I only got entrance tickets
  6. No, it just came through. Thought it was a reminder but there was only one ticket so I checked online and it's show5as an additional order but with free next to it.
  7. On there website it shows up as an additional ticket.
  8. Has anybody else received a random email from eventbrite with a ticket attached.
  9. All the guests I met were great and the only photo shoot I had ran smoothly and on time. The only downsides for me was the air con clearly can't cope with the amount of people in the venue and needs updating along with the lifts not working properly, if the building isn't up standard maybe a new location needs to be looked into. More information would be nice about guest running late in future and people should be asked to pay for the auto's and start to queue up until the guests are at least on the way to the desks, I was waiting for one for nearly 3/4 of an hour and couldn't go anywhere as I had already given the VQ ticket over and paid for the autos. The last thing was the rise in the prices of the prop shoots I don't know why they were double the price of the previous events.
  10. OK thanks. If possible could there be sings from train station saying which way the to queue as I will have my mum with me and don't want to have to walk up along the building to find out the end of the queue is the other side.
  11. A quick query in regards to the Sunday. We will be queing outside the building or inside?
  12. Maybe those diamonds wanted to get there photo's signed?
  13. Can anyone that uses the Eventbrite app please have a look and see if any guest that has cancelled and been refunded still appears under your tickets for the event. I have not received any emails from them and my Megan Fox one is still there.
  14. Does anybody know if there are any free water points in the building?
  15. Ignore me, he isn't going to be there on the Sunday.
  16. True it might have been saved for Sam Neil but he could now use the Megan Fox slots. Also I can't see a Jeff Jarrett shoot on the Sunday
  17. A quick question. Was just wondering why there are so many of the small single shoots so late in the day after the second shoots for the bigger guest on the Sunday? This leaves hardly any time to get them signed afterwards while photo G has a gap from 11:30 until 15:00 with no shoots.
  18. My only problem was the photo C area not calling people in batches to start with and then later on being put in a queue with some other diamond passes only to then let other people go through first when they just stood around the crew member harassing them.
  19. Just to remind people that there is a Ride London event over the same days as LFCC so some roads will be closed and might effect your travel times.
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