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  1. sorry, i should have been more specific lol. i meant can anyone make a better video for Kenya? but that site is very funny anyway BB
  2. i am reliably informed that this tune is being given consideration as the C6 anthem. C6 ANTHEM
  3. let's not waste any time. who do you want to see at C6 in October?
  4. We are still in negotiations with 2 major Lord of the Rings guests! If they confirm they can attend then we will let you all know. However, for those of you holding out for them, please don't! The only reason I am answering this point is because it has been so widely talked about and as such, needs clarification. However, as I am sure you are all aware, we do not comment on guests until they are confirmed, and so I cannot, and will not tell you who the two are. Indeed, I wish that they were just surprises if we managed to get them, rather than people holding out and expecting them to be announced. Ultimately, if the line up is good enough for you at the moment then great! If it is not then do not travel, or pin your hopes on other people being announced. If they are, then great, but do not expect it. Treat it as a surprise if it happens. But to answer your original question, we are still talking to people! Mark Showmasters, You cant seal a guest on the day its impossible, or it would defiently seem it. so you will know if a guest is coming before hand, but by your post you are hinting of having the guest as a suprise. do you think a surprise on the day would be fair on people, when you will have sealed that guest before the shows dates, also having the chance to tell fans he/she is going? even if its a day before the event people will travel to attend to see that major guest. maybe you want it as a suprise so you dont get the same sized crowds and chaos as Collectormania 4. that would seem to be the only reason i can think of. You said if we seal the guest/s and they can come we will let you all know.. and other posts such as .."as soon as we know..we will let you know" How could this be true though because with a suprise guest you wont let us know till the day, and only the people attending will be informed. Suely you can't justify a supirse guest as "when the guest is confirmed...we'll let you know"...you will know if they're going a day or more before, but we wont be told about the guests confirmation untill the day or hour or not even being told at all (being at the right place at the right time basis). This will leave alot of fans devestated, and the fans attending angry because if they knew this certain guest was going then they wouldn't have been waiting in line for a different guest which might make them unable to see the 'suprise' guest. I WOULD like an answer please as i have asked a question, plus you visit the C5 section everyday and will be reading this, i would see no reason why you can't give a response. I am going to the event no matter what..not really for the guests but to see friends, and a suprise to me is great, but i still want to know. Ben. Im totally agreeing with you on this, i must admit I got alittle worried when I read sm reply aswell. Warning bells started to ring, i mean c4 was good but it was crazy aswell, what better to cut down the mass rush at c5 then to announce the guests on the day??? Im really hoping im wrong on this. The thing is, the line up is great at the mo but Ive met all these tonz of times, so as Im short of money it doesn't really warrant spending more money to see these guys again ( as much as i love them lol ) but if a major lotr guest was added I would be there like a shot. I must agree there would be plenty of fans pissed if you had the guests just turn up on the day- now that wouldn't be fair. What im really wanting to know is, perhaps a couple of days before c5, are you going to let us know or not? implying that SMs are withholding guest names to avoid a crush at C5 is blatant scare mongering as this reaction illustrates i advise anyone who thinks SMs are witholding names unnecessarily to read through the reasons why they can't announce before a certain point in negotiations BB
  5. please see my reply in your thread link to your thread BB
  6. billy_bob


    how weird is this? click on this link... EVIL CAT BB
  7. i take your point. locking topics is an option but it defeats the object. if we think something is inappropriate it will be deleted. locking a topic doesn't change the fact that the inappropriate topic / post is still on the forum. locking a topic tends to happen when we want a topic to stay but don't want the intial post buried under loads of posts. an example is the "Some Rules" topic pinned in general chat. if you've had a topic / post removed and the deletion doesn't seem to be in keeping with the forum rules, please contact one of the moderators by email. i'd be happy to help explain. BB
  8. i'm going to have to ask you to be more careful with your choice of language please bb
  9. as for this post - how come this has been allowed? this post can easilly be affensive (yes soz I can't spell) and alot of people have already posted a reply to it (read to see their reactions). I notice some posts edited by the moderater (here here if they are unsuitable!!) so why has this one been allowed??!?!?! just wandering!!! (please notice I am NOT attacking in any way the AUTHER of the post - just the CONTENTS - yes there is a DIFFERENCE!) surfy sah xx sorry for the delay in editing this post bb
  10. is the wetherspoons you're going to JJ Moons on the high street? bb
  11. The arrangements are the same for both nights. Meet in The Quality Hotel Lobby at 8:00 pm, moving to Wetherspoons at 9:00pm Don't forget that the Forum will have it's own area at LFaCC so you can make more detailed arrangements on the day. BB
  12. thanks for that... please stand by while i prepare to pin it! bb
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