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  1. You'll love Callum, Alison. Pity I can't be there with you this year as I would love to see him again.
  2. You are all going to love Callum. Met him last year at a con in Aus. Pity there are no talks at MK, as he is very funny.
  3. That's Anthony Head, not Nigel Planer :) Whoops! Stuffed up the photos! Not bad for my first time you must admit.
  4. Cheeky Daniel Logan, lol! He was cheeky when I met him the first time last year!
  5. Now that I am finally back in Aus, I got a chance to scan my photo shoot pics. BTW, I had an awesome time and will make the effort to fly over for another event soon. The awesome David Blue Daniel Logan Anthony Head Oliver and James Phelps Alex Kingston Peter Davison Colin Baker Nigel Planer
  6. I got my refund - thanks. I was told 10 days, so I was just being paitent.
  7. I am still waiting for Lou Diamond Phillips, but I was told on Sat that it would take about 10 days as they had only just put them through. I also have the regund for Ray Park. Looks like I won't see that money until I return to Aus, so no extra spending money for me
  8. The same crazy Aussie planning to take back a huge Dr Who picture back to Oz? I told you I was crazy! Yeah, the one and only crazy Aussie chick!
  9. If anyone talked to the crazy Aussie chick that flew over especially for the event, look me up on facebook and twitter as Nat Kulynycz (one word for twitter)
  10. I'm missing CM17 too. I had a blast and made many new friends. This was a great start to my London holiday. And I'm glad I'm not the only one that had to hold their nose for that smelly corridor! Blah!
  11. David Blue: Will you show me around Perth? I'll pay! (I'd show him around for free!) I also got: Two peas in a pod, Nat, Two peas in a pod (on my photo shoot) Daniel Logan: SExy, we look good together (on my photo shoot) James Phelps: Nice to meet you, Best Wishes (Nothing from Oliver...) Dean Lennox Kelly: Lots of love Christopher Ryan: Sontar-ha! John Leeson: Tailways to Nat from K9 (Spoken as K9 which I loved) LeVar Burton: Peace (it seems he wrote that for everyone)
  12. I'd like to say a BIG thankyou to the organisers and volunteers. You have made my first Collectormania very enjoyable and a wonderful start to my two week holiday. Thanks to all the guests I met - Daniel Logan, David Blue, The Phelps twins, Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan, Kenny Baker, David Warner, Dean Lennox Kelly, LeVar Burton, Alex Kingston, Peter Davison, Joh Leeson, Colin Baker and Anthony Head. They were all wonderful. Lastly, thanks to all that I talked to in the lines waiting for autographs and photos. You were all great to chat with while passing the time People thought I was nuts coming all the way over from Perth, Aus, but I had an absolute blast over the two days and will hopefully come back for another Showmasters event one day. I had an awesome meeting you to Alison. Thanks for organising the meet up. I made some great new friends.
  13. No probs. Will see you there after I have soaked my feet as they are sooooo sore!
  14. You can all get me on twitter @natkulynycz, although I won't be accessing it much on my phone due to being an Aussie number. Also, the Red Dot Bar took my fancy, as my nickname is Spot (I'll tell you the story behind that tonight), and my bar at home is called Spot's Bar!
  15. I'm booking a registry office as we speak lol Should I be worriedd? And I'm finally here kicking back in the hotel. Got my cookie.Can't wait for tomorrow! Enjoyed your cookie? I too have checked in and have eaten the delish cookie :) Can't wait for these cookies! I popped across to ASDA and bought some Cadbury hot choclate. The cookie went down well with that. Now what to do (apart from falling alseep as jetlag is taking over)
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