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  1. Yes but then if finances go awry and you decide to not do the show on travel costs basis.. you end up with a load of tickets that are a potential source of income, either via ebay, or refunds.. So you could end up with, say, about £200 of photo shoots including a 'gold dust' one (Lee) going begging.. Or of course the only person you're apparently going for, cancels.. and then you take to the message boards complaining... Oh and for those thinking folks live on here, and somehow avoided the 'more tickets have been added' etc.. Some have lives/other interests.. and it gets tired readi
  2. The main thing for newbies to remember is that you already have something in common with everyone else there - we all love Stargate! So never be afraid to start/join in a conversation because we all share a favourite topic :-)
  3. That's a shame as i was looking forward to meeting him, but i wish him all the best and hope he'll consider coming to a future event
  4. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! I'm squeeing so much right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (you may not have guessed, but I'm a bit of a Jay fan )
  5. One suggestion I might might make is to have a dedicated Showmasters Info twitter feed. David does a great job of covering the event for social media, but having a feed just for the duration of the show that gives updates on queuing times, timetable changes etc would be a cost-effective way to disseminate info a little more widely. Although I guess that wouldn't have been much help this weekend to those on EE I had a great time (despite the heat, which was no one's fault) as all the guests were brilliant and I got everything i wanted with no difficulty. However, I do think a little though
  6. Ok, here's my wish-list Ben Browder Torri Higginson Kavan Smith Robert Patrick Robert Picardo Colin Cunningham Ryan Robbins Lou Diamond Philips J R Bourne Tony Amdendola Erick Avari Craig Veroni Aaron Abrams Michael Beach Martin Christopher Er, I could go on...
  7. Grimjacq


    There's also a great pub that does excellent food around the corner - The Pheasant. Just turn left out of the Rad and follow the road that goes up the side of the hotel until you get to the end. It's about a 3 - 5 min walk depending on how fast you're going (or able to ;-) )
  8. Grimjacq


    Not 'hinky' just fairly standard. It works out as £50 per day, and you can choose not to pre-authorise a credit card if you wish. The bill itself is pay on exit, although again, if you are not going to be charging anything to the room, you can ask to pay in full on check-in if you wish.
  9. I'll be wearing a 'formal' dress, so glad that it sounds like I won't be the only one!
  10. Grimjacq


    If you booked via the con code, then the breakfast will already be included - they will ask for your room number when you get to the breakfast room, and cross you off the list. If you leave a credit card number with the front desk when you check in (they usually ask if you want to), then you can charge things to the room at the bar and restaurant if you wish, otherwise either cash or card is acceptable. The only exception is if there is a separate bar for the con parties (I don't know if there will be) sometimes that is cash only - just ask the bartender :-)
  11. Probably far too late to be adding my 'wants' to this list, but just in case: Colin Cunningham J R Bourne Tony Amdendola Erick Avari Craig Veroni Michael Beach Niall Matter Emma Lahana
  12. Grimjacq


    Huh, I also stayed at the Radisson before heading off on my honeymoon (in my case 18 years ago). Also now divorced...
  13. I'll do you one better - I'll forward the entire e-mail to you
  14. Thank you for that info No need to apologise - just felt like we were having two different conversations Your mention of a name made me think to look at the name on the two bookings I have - and sure enough, they are both signed by the same person, so you could be right about the staff training issue. I may follow that up if I can find the time.
  15. MovieLad - I don't know how to say this any other way (I feel like I keep repeating myself): my confirmation *does* say something different. It says: "Please note 100% Cancellation Charge is applicable from the time the reservation is made.". I know that is not what ME has said the cancellation policy is, and that it was not the policy any of three previous times I've stayed at the Radisson for cons, which is why I asked Queen Sindel to look into it for me. Of course I could contact the hotel about it myself, but I wanted to draw the attention of ME to it, and also get confirmation that it wa
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