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    What a Rush!

    We did those looks when you weren't looking!! Only Joking! Congrats on your first show, you worked hard man and you worked well. Thank you! If only you could see the massive grin that's caused!
  2. Sabreyeager

    What a Rush!

    Hi All The weekend just gone was my first time crewing, and I have to say it was totally amazing! I got GA both days, which I know I was VERY lucky to get first time, and really enjoyed myself, even if I did get a 2" splinter across my finger on Friday set-up. I really hope I get to do this again. Thanks to Joyce, Sarah and Becky for being amazing PBs, and for putting up with me, and to Carrie-Ann and Roberta for not giving me funny looks when I asked stupid, newbie questions! Here's to next time! Oh, and I'm still struggling to lay that egg without falling over............
  3. Would anybody be upset if I said I got Patrick Stewart's autograph for free??? Managed to get Robert O'Reilly, Jeff Coombes, Roxann Dawson and Garrett Wang in one weekend, Garrett is amazing, just came down to the party nights and got on with his groove thing, acting like he was just one of the fans! The things he did with those light pods!
  4. Damn, and there's me working the event! Maybe I'll get allocated that area.....
  5. TT: There should be an e-mail for your attention re:crewing for CML from a Zoe Putwain. She's willing to crew if you're still short of people. Baz
  6. I've got two people who would like to know if your crewing requirements have been met yet, as if not, they may be able to help out. Are we still needing more hands on deck?
  7. Thanks Too Tall! Lala - Thank you!
  8. My biggest piece of advice? Don't be offended when people can't remember your name. Wendy still doesn't remember my name, but sees me and goes "Oh, you're the languages lady. Good good". Mara just calls me "Dolphin Girl" (though she may have learned my name at Autographica) and I nearly dropped dead with shock when Penfold referred to me by name! I'm a London Bus Driver, I'm used to being called all the names under the sun, and I'm awful with names myself, so anything polite and non-defamatory is fine by me!
  9. So if they don't specifically tell me "Bring the car", then I'm better off leaving it at home and using my staff pass?
  10. Hi TT I'm a first-timer, doing Fri-Sun. I said on the form that I'd have my car with me, and would be willing to do some running around, and was just wondering if there is parking provided for crew, or if we have to sort it ourselves? If the latter, I'm going to have to do a recce run before I come! Thanks Barry (A very nervous newbie)
  11. Hi All, After attending my first LFCC a few months ago, and chatting with some of the crew, the first thing I did was put in my crew application for CM London 10. I've been accepted, and will be a nervous noob on Friday morning for set-up. *gulp* Barry
  12. Always handy to have somewhere to park your fish........ Carp only though, none of your fancy Salmon or Sword-fish Okay...so where do I park my 'Cod'ge Charger ????? Next to the Morris Marina?
  13. I bought an Alexander Orlov "Seemples" mug, some window stickers, Shatner pic with me (lucky man!), food, drink, some badges, oh, and a perspex Bat'leth! Saving up to get the Aluminium one, then I may be having an idea on how to recover the money......
  14. lmao you seem very county-ist any how :) i know who you're talking about but i'm unsure of her name, did she dress in scrubs or something on one of the days? If she did, then it was Saturday, cos she was in a crew shirt on the Sunday
  15. Trying to remember the name of the Gorgeous Pit Boss who'd emigrated from Scotland. She was petite, but rather toned, and a pleasure to chat with. I think she was working the cosplay area. We had a lovely chat on the Sunday. I was the (sad) individual with a Scotty Meerkat coming out of his top pocket. I was asked if I was aware of this by the black stormtrooper. I told him that it was my chief engineer, he made a comment in his native (Yorkshire) accent about where else I may have rodents coming from. Not sure I should repeat my response, it's slightly county-ist!
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