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  1. Does anyone know what the name of the stall was that printed pictures on items while you waited?
  2. Just to add on to this - I bought the 4 day ticket but haven't had the photoshoot ticket come through now that the Thursday has been cancelled. Any idea of when this should come through?
  3. when did you book ?, i'm staying at premier inn olympia £187 for 3 nights On Tuesday - only decided to go this year last weekend
  4. I'm in travelodge Fulham - £189 for 2 nights :)
  5. This would be cool, I'm not sure whether I'd be able to make it though - it depends on if my friend decides to come with me. Where is it, in relation to Olympia? I don't know London much - I usually just confine myself from going from station to event to hotel.
  6. Anyone from arrow, the flash, legends of tomorrow and super girl. Caity loltz would be amazing. Also Bridget Reagan or people from agents of shield.
  7. Some Hobbit/Lord of the Rings guests please. Especially, Richard Armitage, Aiden Turner, James Nesbitt, Orlando Bloom and Dean O'Gorman
  8. It'd be awesome to get some guest from MASH especially Alan Alda! but also Buffy guests, and chicago fire guests pretty please!
  9. Alexander Siddig was amazing. He was so friendly and was happy to take a photo with me
  10. no you can bring your own food and drink. especially drink, trust me you'll need it!
  11. I want to know if he's brought his lightsaber walking stick.
  12. usually the pay on door queue is huge at about half 8 so it might be an idea to get there either earlier or a bit after 9.
  13. I'm getting everything ready for tomorrow. Then earlyish night to be up at 5 so I can get pick up my friends and get to Newport in time for the train. Should hopefully get there sometime between half 8 and 9 in the morning. Thank god we always prebook our tickets
  14. Yes you can upgrade a general entry ticket to an early entry ticket on the day.
  15. We might end up bidding against each other then coz those are a few that I might be interested in.
  16. I'm kind of insulted they didn't mention Jeremy Brett. The one true Sherlock Holmes. However it's an awesome idea except my wrists are covered by me watch and wristbands.
  17. I've finished getting everything I need together. Now all I need to do it get through work and catch up on sleep on Friday and I'll be all ready to go
  18. Only a little excited atm. I think it'll hit more next week once I'm through my work shifts. Just hoping I can catch up on sleep before then
  19. Bridget Regan, Tabrett Bethell, James Marsters, Eliza Dushku, Any Hobbit guests, Richard Dean Anderson, Nathan Fillion.
  20. Seeing as I finally watched the hobbit yesterday I'd love to see a few hobbit or lord of the rings guests.
  21. I'm coming with 2/3 friends, early early train from newport and then back late at night. Am really hoping for some more great guests coz while theres a few I want to meet, so far there isn't any that makes me jump up and down in excitement like last year
  22. I would love to go to this but I'm in Menorca then. maybe next year.
  23. I remember when they said Kenan and Kel were dead when they weren't. This hoax is officially past its sell by date, they should really come up with something new.
  24. Alexander Siddig and Terry Farrell are my main two I'd like to meet but would also like Rene Auberjonois and Chase Matterson as I missed them at DSTL.
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