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  1. I decided to bring back my chaplin costume.I wore it Halloween and got so much attention! https://fbcdn-photos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-0/1901123_10152847190483524_6080970149774004068_n.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoibCJ9&oh=74e577282f7704c5653983f9d0ec7a97&oe=55336AC4&__gda__=1432453627_9fe98091c914df4f516913e6a2059c42
  2. You're kidding?! i am actually hoping they are taking the micky. if not, then....ya....
  3. i dont think i can repeat what i said when i saw this on facebook! i wasnt meant to go this year as i can't travel on my own. but now i'm seriously thinking of risking it to meet this giant of a guest! STAN LEE!! i swear i thought you were playing a cruel joke on me and were soon going to go "nope...sorry, this is really his stunt double" or something like that.my brain still can't clock it! nya!
  4. That's what I felt like - guess it was being so new to it all... must look around for a 'pair of balls +1' i shall speak for myself here. i simply ADORE! the attention i get from being in costume! if i only get a few people asking for my photo i think "well, i have to try harder next time" when i get loads asking for a picture im like "hell ya, im awesome, i know you love it!" *strikes a pose* lol. seriously though, as long as you are polite about it then its fine. i only got annoyed once when a group of Americans just walked up, stood next to me and yelled "ya! take a picture!" without even asking me, i found that very rude. also, as long as your not grabby and creepy with the somewhat sexier cosplayers then its all good! my best memory had to be what i think were teenagers (you just dont know these days) that walked a good bit away from me, were obviously talking about my costume and then before i turned a corner and was out of site i heard a cry of "sally! wait!" then they got all bouncy and started asking for pictures, its was lovely and i was delighted to pose for however much they wanted.
  5. did anyone take pics of my cosplay? i was dressed as sally from nightmare before christmas
  6. aw. i thought the bit about Colin baker was lovely! that man was an absolute sweetheart and deserved every bit of love he got
  7. That's me! Your bags were getting out of control! lol indeed! the one with the food was the most important one!
  8. oh lord you poor thing! i remember the eve crowd situation. you handled that amazing! i was the girl in the red wig and star trek uniform.
  9. honestly can not fault these people! they have the patience of saints! honestly my temper with some of the really ungratefull rude people attending these things would win over too many times, which is why its a good thing i never crew them lol. my brain seemed to die this time around and i became a fizzled mess of fangirlishness who could not for some odd reason get euros out of her head! i had to keep asking for help with the cash while paying if i had to do it with change, >.< but no one ever got snappy, they were lovely. as always, when you explain to the people in photo areas you cant que due to dissability like a flash they bring closer to the front and are so kind. to the guy in the A area, i enjoyed all our lovely meetings, on sunday it was becoming a little joke how many times i was in and out! each time he laughed at my growing bag count hehe, made the experiance so much more lovely. when i missed photo shoots due to clashes they kindly gave me autograph vouchers in return. all in all, you guys are amazing! i never ever have complaints against you!
  10. ah now! i totally understand you all moaning about lines and what not, but telling showmasters to bash on the smokers in line is so not on. i am not a smoker and never will smoke, i have seen it ruin my mothers health to such a state that she cant even climb stairs now without needing a rest, BUT! this does not mean i bash smokers. smoking is an addiction and people also do it to help with stress, its very unhealthy yes and not a bit nice being near but try to remember how you are on the day, your stressed over how ever long your queing, your over excited and nervous about meeting guests of your dreams and so on, its moments like that they need to light up! thats just really pushing it complaining about that, sorry, but that really annoyed me.
  11. i was sally from nightmare before christmas on saturday. thanks to you all who complimented me and asked for pictures, it made all the hard work i put into the costume worth while! i found it very funny that by the end of the day i was responding to the name sally when people called out to me lol.
  12. getting on my flight from cork tomorrow at 4pm so shall see you all when i roll up at earls court dressed up in all my gothy greatness! after the show we are heading off to some club that plays the kinda music you can mosh to lol
  13. I know you said no food or drink but surely we can have a bottle of water? It's a long enough thing to go through without even some water
  14. I agree with seating. That's always been the only issue I had each year. Due to very limited seating the only option alot seems to just sit on the floor. As someone who is disabled AND a cosplayer this is very uncomfortable and worrying ( can I get back up, will I mess my costume) but I need the rest. Two years ago I was in actual tears my back had locked after trying to get up from the floor, the pain was so intense. That's my only ever complaint. Everything else is amazing
  15. Well done people, you made me cave! I must join in! HODOR!! That is all
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