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  1. Meeting all the Star Wars guests and Aliens ones over the weekend and Chloe. Also hopefully if my baby doesn't get too restless with them starting so late in the afternoon hoping to get photos with all too. Especially the triple Aliens photo shoot. All going well.
  2. I'm the same. Already have mine signed by Michael Biehn. So hoping for 3 more signatures on it.
  3. Just attended today with the Wife and baby. When I went to the Guest level some of the Guests were not there, so only managed to get around half of the autographs on my posters that I wanted. Couldn't be bothered lifting the pram up and down the stairs again which brings me to the question I couldnt for the life of me see the lifts where were they? Would have helped a lot. Unfortunatly (or fortunately for the wife depending on which way you look at it) there wasn't much at the stalls today that interested me and within my price ranges so needless to say brought back home a very healthy surplus of cash which the wife has already spent on a holiday to London. Overall a very decent show and really cant fault anything just a few niggles as already stated. Maybe I've attended way too many Cons and memorabilia shows and just getting old but for me slightly deflated as been there done that several times deja vu moments. Special mention to the two fantastic girls manning the 1Groot photoshoot this morning and helped with my baby getting a couple of cool pictures. A credit to your company very cheerful and extremely nice!
  4. hmmm. ok thanks for your reply. always thought it was SM staff who did the entry. Its their show? So surely they have the scanning app?
  5. Thats a shame. Thats twice Ive missed her at Glasgow. Hopefully next year.
  6. Just been reading on the Sheffield con page that someone had to pay a further £1.00 to get a physical ticket made before they were allowed entry. Is the e ticket on a smart phone or ipad not valid anymore? Please clarify cheers.
  7. It says on the ticket that "Tickets can also be displayed on a smart phone or tablet". Can we get clarification on this please as I have not printed out my tickets for the Glasgow con this coming week end? Much appreciated cheers.
  8. Biggest queue I've seen at Glasgow yet. Stalls a bit of a disappointment for me but stills managed to buy some Dalpol Dr Who figures so not bad. Auction was interesting this time, not much for me personally but still grabbed 2 bargains. Met Gerald Homes nice guy.That's me at the travel lodge now. Day one done and dusted now to find a decent place for a kebab. Back tomorrow to for the 2 other Star Wars guys to meet. Not a bad day all in all.
  9. Just won 2 things today. Nothing much interested me today but could not resist a bargain lol!
  10. I know this. But then you get 'testy' people who hog the clipboards at the end and don't let people write down a bid thus 'cheating'( if that's what posters were referring to in the previous posts) hence the reason for the last vocal bid at the end. I have first hand knowledge of people doing this and to be honest it is very unpleasant. I think this is the reasoning behind doing the last vocal auction to stop these people cheating and as such think it becomes fairer when you look at the 'bigger' picture. If only people had integrity and adopted a fair play policy then perhaps it would work as a true silent auction but because of these people in the past I have been disadvantaged and think the Organisers are aware of this happening in the past hence the end bit where they take vocal bids. I think on this subject we will have to agree to disagree and hope to meet you when you attend the auction. Best of luck bidding!
  11. You may indeed have a point, but what is better, people all rushing and cramming, pushing and shoving to place that last written bid on each individual folder for each item, or a verbal final vocal bid right at the end? Look at the popular bid folders, it still gets crazy with people writing bids down and can get a little testy at times with some ( not the vast majority) people writing their bid down. I personally can see that it is definitely not a silent auction in its purest form but it is still is a version of it albeit with a slice of the old fashioned vocal auction. I think it is maybe more to do with the saving of time and not having to use the stage thus freeing it up for more talks etc rather than taking up all that valuable time with the old auction using the stage.
  12. Not feeling it yet, but nearer the time, aye! I sure will!
  13. But I thought that was what happens at all the auctions? The person(s) with the most money wins. I have attended the 'old' auctions and these 'new silent' auctions and besides it being more efficient time wise for the organisers, I really don't see any difference to be honest. Maybe the time efficiency is the key for the organisers I don't know, but have no beef either way with the systems. He/she with the most money wins and fair play to them in my opinion. For example the immediate last auction in Glasgow there was a signed Karl Urban into darkness phaser up for grabs but I stopped when in my opinion it became too expensive and hence 'lost out'. So whoever won that phaser, well good luck and fair play to them in my view. Noy quite understanding the problem to be honest.
  14. Yeh got mine too. Ages ago by recorded delivery.
  15. Very nice. Always a pleasure to meet. Keep the Star Wars guests coming. This is turning out to be a very cool week end for me now.
  16. That's a real disappointment. Was looking forward to meeting him. hopefully he will recover soon and attend next year.
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