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  1. I went numb, when meeting him, I was shocked JUST to shake hands. I was in the first twenty to meet him Saturday Morning. I said, "I've wanted to meet you for years., he replied saying he loved England. Then there was a 5 seconds gap, before I asked my House on haunted Hill question- (see topic post at start of forum). I couldn't even rember the name of the film, I was so shocked. After I was shaking. At the photoshoot, when his head was next to mine, I said,"You look good." He was so nice !!! What he smelled like at the Sunday photoshoot. I was 20th in line. I don't smoke. But he had just been for a fag break! He is still fantastic. Did you notice you got 2 handshakes at the photoshoot.
  2. After the shakes!!! I asked him if he liked the Incredible Hulk ride, in Florida( which is featured in the "House on haunted hill " film. ) He said Yes, it was great, then said he had as many free rides as he liked, on the ride, and the spiderman ride(at universal, Islands of adventure, Orlando, Florida) He went on to say that his co star on the movie, felt sick during the filming, and he told her,"dont get sick over me!" He was SO friendly. He went out of his way to make you feel comfortable. I met him again at the Sunday photo-shoot, and he was fantastic. And he was amazing at the Talk.
  3. My Son got from George Hertzberg (after asking the time it took in make-up to do Adam question) "5.5 hrs grrrrrrrrrrrr" he was very friendly
  4. This is my first event, but it won't be my last !!! It was great. most things ran very smoothly. ALL the staff were helpfull, and friendly. I single out the tall guy on saturday morning (7am) who helped us all, and was so funny, (at the James Marster que). Malcolm the photographer was fantastic too, in spite of his shirt!!!
  5. I bought a Kill Bill Book, signed by David Carridine,( there with pics of the seller , with David, signing some swords-) for £12.50 . I went back later to buy another for my Son, but they had gone. Overall I thought the sellers were great. But I stilll don't understand the logic of selling signed photo's for more money, than we could have bought them live( ie with the guest) But most of the stalls sold things cheaper overall , than we can buy it on ebay
  6. i'm really sorry about the DUDUDU noise. When I sound checked Tony, we had a bit of a problem with it and thought we had fixed it. I'm not sure what was causing it , and inevitably it returned when he cam on to do his set. Unfortunately these things occassionally happen . Luckily a quick fix was found. I hope it didn't distract from what i have to be honest and say was a stunning performance (and we techies are not easy to impress!) Sparks Tony was so funny when things went wrong (pass the marshmelloes !!!) That no one cared about the small problems. We were happy he was there
  7. Im sorry but thats so out of order, you go by the rule that you must look good, and not caring how the guest feels,and you call yourself a fan?! charisma had a bad time once and making her do something she doesnt want to do isnt fair, I think how she did it was nice, shes had a bad experiance but still let fans get a photo with her! Just because the men couldnt put the arm around her, who cares! it was a head shot anyways. I was with my 14 year old Son. He felt the same way I did. In both our photo's we looked uncomfortable (do you want to see them) I'm not knocking Charisma. I think her acting is fantastic, and with the girls she was cool. But for a woman who seems more than happy to get her kit off for money, was a handshake to much to ask for? My picture is unimportant. I paid the money just to meet her, so I feel sad to say, I don't think I have. I feel cheated. But I'm still a fan. (just)
  8. The thing about James was, he isn't false. I don't think you can fake it that good. He makes you feel like a friend. He said at his talk on Sunday, he liked the way none of the girls tried to grope him, because that spoils it for him, and the next group of people trying to meet him. He made me feel like I want to meet him again. Charisma just made me feel uncomfortable.
  9. One pic of Tony at the moment; http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s228/mi...07/PICT0181.jpg
  10. Don't get me wrong I thought he was great too, the shirt thing was just very funny ( I have a weird sense of humour)
  11. My pictures turned out GREAT, (apart from the fact they had my ugly face in them) so thank you Malcolm. So does the guy have another shirt, or is that his trademark. I saw a billboard from last year, with him on it, and yes, he was wearing it then. I LOVE COLLECTORAMA
  12. Tony was great. Got some good pictures of him singing, which I will try to post up, sometime
  13. OK I forgot to mention, there was a guy with her all the time, who I presumed was her husband, who NEVER took off his cap, for 3 days. No one should be that ashamed of being bald.
  14. "Sock" size?......for a second there i thought you said....... ....well you know what i mean same thing
  15. Was it just me, (I'm a man) but did anyone think Charisma was VERY stand-off-ish to the guys in the photoshoot. The moment she hid her hands behind her back I FELT INSULTED. My pics, and my 14 year-old Son's pictures reflect this. We just didn't smile. I know that with the girls, she got her hands out, but me and my Son are not rapists, but I got to feel like one. I noticed that in the Grace Park (Much better looking) she put her arm around the guys waist. We were going to get Charismas auto , but thought F**k her.
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