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  1. If you're not in the debate David hon, then you shouldn't give an opinoin, cos you know someone will always have a smart remark back! Phoenix
  2. Who cares isn't an argument David; thats a backdown from a healthy debate.
  3. Now now kiddies, lets stop sniping at one another; lets look at it this way, ripped jeans will not be in fashion forever, just like the bleached jeans of yesteryear. Lets put it this way, I will be making an effort to look smart rather than looking like I am going bowling!
  4. I have to say the majority of the workers for both CM's and LFACC's are pleasant and generally enjoy a chat if they are standing there in a job that isn't really thriving. BUT; there is the occasional worker that might bite (well not literally; I hope) because of the stress they are under; but it doesn't take a lot for them to apologise, which I think a lot of members would appreciate if they are on the end of a pointy tongue. The other thing I find very annoying (and I know this has to do with how busy the guest is with signatures etc) is that there will be personalisations and photographs allowed, and then very abruptly they are no longer allowed; because when this has happened to me in the past (with Billy Boyd), there were Crew members standing at the side of the desk taking photos of people. That I find very annoying and unfair; but obviously that can't always be controlled; I just think it is unfair to the others that are standing in line. I think the rules not only for the people getting the tickets for autographs, but for the crew need to be enforced more. If photos aren't allowed, then they shouldn't be allowed to take someones camera and take photo's for them from the side lines, as I know when I was with Phoenix she wasn't even allowed to take a photo from the side while I was with Billy. I think that is something that needs to be sorted out; if there is no photos allowed, then there is no photos allowed.
  5. So the "just out of bed look" (leave the smutty remarks) is a no no for the party; cos I did that in LA; although thats a whole different thing.
  6. I have heard a certain someone sing; don't encourage it!!! Hi Nick; hope you're well. Smaug; long time no see! T-shirts can look smart if worn with the right things! This is going to be difficult as people have different ideas about what smart/casual are.
  7. Um; no words can be uttered other than thanks That boy needs to wear more eyeliner.
  8. Cushy


    Thats such a big weapon for such a little hobbit. ahem.
  9. Cushy


    Bling it has been posted further back in the thread its the one Elijah is pulling a face in.
  10. Its not a bad crying or anything; I really didn't expect to cry, I think you will enjoy it.
  11. I haven't got rudy. I cried when I watched that. *sniff*
  12. Cushy


    Ahh you posted it already; don't mind me.
  13. Cushy


    well the plan was to show dom my duvet cover.....im sure he likes bloo.... Just about to ask if you had seen that one; there is a funnier one of that, and it has crotch shots in it.
  14. You know a friend of mine has no money and also has work; but they are coming to see me. And I voted yes!
  15. I would advise you on how to get one, but well I am not too sure what one is!
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