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    Selling your signed LFCC items online

    People like this just infuriate me - non fans who just don't care one bit about the person they're meeting just to make a pretty profit and thus ruins it for the "real fans" look at the Stan Lee incident last year when flipping auto dealers got all their stuff signed and true Fans were screwed over. Its one of the reasons I don't do premieres any more because of all the dealers messing it up THis reminds me of the time in 2010 when Bruce (notorious for his signing habits) Willis attended a premiere, the rest of that week there were reports that ebay was flooded with his autographs - then in 2013 when Sir David Jason did a booksigning- enough said Believe me I've had people asking me if I'd ever consider selling my Indiana Jones fedora? Heck no, if I had it my way I'd be buried wearing it
  2. KingRichard76

    I Know I'm Going to Get Shot Down for This.

    In many cases those whom we meet have been in different franchises and would like them to be on different items in some cases we very much appreciate the actor/director etc either for their work or their films. Take Sylvester Stallone for example, say you were a fan of Demolition Man, Stop or My Mom will shoot, Cliffhanger. Tango and Cash etc were all youir fave movies you'd like to get them all signed wouldn't you? Its exactly the same - getting what your fav actor has starred in signed.
  3. KingRichard76

    I Know I'm Going to Get Shot Down for This.

    This is something I am exceedingly conscious of and will always make sure if a guest is busy or indeed tiddling their thumbs. In 2010 Michael Biehn had rather a long line of people and he could have talked the hind legs of a donkey. 2012 the very lovely Jeff Rawle didnt have a queue and it was nice to chat with him about by far his greatest work, Drop the Dead Donkey. Last year I would have liked to have spoken longer to Karen Allen about working with Harrison Ford, Mr. Spielberg etc but she was a very popular guest. And last week I would have loved nothing more than to spend longer with Dave Barclay - he wasnt that busy and thus would have been so nice to have heard more anecdotes about Jim Henson <3
  4. KingRichard76

    I Know I'm Going to Get Shot Down for This.

    There is a limit already. 5 items when a VQ is in operation. And the ONLY time I've ever taken advantage of the 5 limit item per person thing was with GIllian Anderson in 2012, and had five items signed. One of which started of a multisigned project, one was of EXTREME Sentimental value, and because I will never even consider selling my stuff I was glad that Gillian personalised my items. In 2013 Adrienne Barbeau signed/personalised a few Catwoman pics for me. Last year Karen Allen signed three things (two already multisigned and one personalisation on another. And then last week the wonderful Dave Barclay signed both Labyrinth and Muppet Christmas Carol - when you have a guest such as Dave his filmography is damn near exhaustive and it would have been easy to have taken more for him to sign. Point is - not all of us will flog stuff on ebay, its the last thing I would ever consider doing.
  5. KingRichard76

    What's the longest you have waited to meet a guest?

    2011. Monday July 4th: Got into trafalgar square around 3 - 4pm. That night we had Drunks in trafalgar square asking for water, other drunks arguing with each other and setting their dog on someone at night Tuesday July 5th: During the day it was so frickin hot I had to take off my tshirt - later on in the day it totally bucketed it down well into the night. Wednesday July 6th: Spent most of the time in McDonalds drying off our sleeping bags, clothes, jumpers etc. Thursday July 7th: Alan Rickman and J.K. Rowling signed my Harry Potter DVD.
  6. KingRichard76

    "Who was that person" thread..

    there had been two Jessicas. a taller and a shorter lady. She's not bad... She's just drawn that way :)
  7. As most who know me will attest (especially the manager of my local comic book store) I'm a HUGE #Catwoman aficionado (have a large collection of comics etc) and one thing I love about conventions is seeing how cosplayers emulate the different versions of Catwoman whether it be onscreen adaptions or otherwise. This thread is to thank a truly wonderful cosplayer (I'm not sure who she is (not sure if she's on the forum or if anyone knows her) but I hope she gets to see this thread as I'd like to thank her again for Saturday) who was such a terrific #Catwoman once inside she was lovely to pose again with the very brilliant Poison Ivy at the Gotham cosplay photoshoot - but yep this Catwoman was incredible, great costume and definitely my favourite version (the comic verson) :) A massive thanks. #Happy :)
  8. KingRichard76

    Photo thread

    All mine are on my album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155825553905258.1073741845.668510257&type=1&l=3a1b3f8717
  9. KingRichard76

    Photo thread

    My fav pics can be found here :) http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89836
  10. Yep, my friend is a very good photographer and he always gets/takes awesome pictures Yikes, I apologise, would have liked to have said hi would have been awesome. She was fantastic :)
  11. It would have either have been asked for directions to one of the talk stages by someone behind me.... Who just happened to be none other than Pete Bennett from Big Brother :) Orrrrrrrr for me personally.... This :) http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89836
  12. KingRichard76

    Question about selfie stick

    Personally I don't understand all this irrational hostility towards selfie sticks, simple solution - quit complaining and don't use or buy one and leave those of us who have used them or indeed like taking our own pictures * I've already explained elsewhere that I always prefer to take my own pictures because I know ill get a far better and satisfactory result hence why I avoid photoshoots like the plague My arms are long enough to get four people into one pic - in the past I've used selfie sticks and they are loads of fun to use and it seems to be a growing epidemic - again in this day and age when something someone enjoys is ridiculed. I always make sure when I take a pic that I'm not endangering others. As long as you're safety conscious and take other people into consideration then fhwres no problem. #TeamSelfieStick
  13. KingRichard76

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Quentin Tarantino
  14. KingRichard76

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Norah Jones <3
  15. KingRichard76

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Leonard Rossiter (OHHHHHHHHHHH MISS JONES!)
  16. KingRichard76

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    Jim Henson <3
  17. KingRichard76

    pet questions ?

    I used to have a cute ickle Hamster called Annie (for the obvious reason).... I'm a massive fan of the Bard and for those of you who know your stuff will know that Shakespeares wife was Anne Hathaway.
  18. KingRichard76

    Celebrities Name A to Z

    George Lucas :)
  19. KingRichard76

    Guest Suggestions

    I had a reply from Toby today expressing his interest in teaming up with Dave again and thus I'm hoping that this ickle reunion could take place it would be nice :) Hoping that we do see Toby at #LFCC as then it will bring the amount of guests who I'm getting Autographs from up to TWO :) And I thought my total guests of four to meet was bad lol To be honest, at first Lea Thompson I was interested in meeting again - but to be honest its more expense with someone I met before. Originally I was glad to see Sigourney Weaver announced and within the excitement of it all I kind of got caught up within the hype and thought of having her sign Alien. Then of course Robert Watts being announced (whom I've met a few times before and he's signed everything I need him to sign) ANd Patricia Carr AND of course Dave Barclay. For me, Dave is a headlining guest and I'm getting him not just out of necessity but I'd be crazy to not get him, the last time I saw him was back in 2007 . Its now only one person, the aforementioned Dave B. Bills and priority bills need to be paid - eating is more important :)
  20. KingRichard76

    Guest Suggestions

    I had a reply from Toby today expressing his interest in teaming up with Dave again and thus I'm hoping that this ickle reunion could take place it would be nice :) Hoping that we do see Toby at #LFCC as then it will bring the amount of guests who I'm getting Autographs from up to TWO :)
  21. KingRichard76

    Temperature in the venue

    I think you;'ll be fine - will be nice to see you again :)