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    latest Guest Announcement William B Davis

    July will be such a better time for me to meet him. Is gonna be fab!!!!
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    Hello, I am Richard, from the south east of England. Found out about this site from two good friends of mine and rather than be a stranger and all that thought I'd say hello/hi/bonjour/ciao/howdy delete where applicable. Not sure what else to say here.... For now but am sure as time goes on I'll find more to say.
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    Who is the greatest celeb youve ever met

    For two completely different reasons. Being a Star Wars fan t the Attack of the clones premier in 2002, George Lucas. And for another reason entirely at the Alice in Wonderland premier back in February, Anne Hathaway - even now I cannot help but smile remembering that fabulous moment. The two celebrities are as great as each other in their own way. I realise I am going to open the floodgates here because if I say more than three then its going to get crazy but at Alice In Wonderland I also met Johnny Depp and he did something for me that only a few people know about.