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  1. Hi, I know this is a bit early but was wondering if there was a hotel code for 7.9. I missed out on the con rate for 7.8 and want to book up early.......
  2. I'm sure some one would let you store your jacket in their room, myself included.....
  3. For 7.6 the Saturday night party was "Being Richard Dean Anderson" I was Lt Sam Adams from Emerald Point NAS - one of RDA's lesser known incarnations. Could we not do the same for Amanda? The ladies could be characters she has played on TV (good for the sanctuary crowd) and the boys could be side kicks/associates of Amada's character.... The other parties could be a Destiny Party(would be good for the chill out.....) And Friday could be "Other SciFi" let the fans show off other costumes or just show their imagination ..... Regardless of the theme it would be good to finalise the themes
  4. I booked for a stargate weekend headlined by guests I hadnt met, who were ararity or even a first at this type of event in the UK. As a Star Trek fan I have noted that without a headline guest you cant sell enough tickets to make it work. You sell enough tickets for the Stargate cons with headline guests that dont appear and substitute others. My comments intend no offence to the replacement guests - we are pleased to have them otherwise the episode count for the guests left wouldnt reach double figures...... I work in an industry where the customer pays to receive a service as ad
  5. As I have previously said if this was a big concert with 2 headline bands and 3 supporting bands I doubt that people would be as forgiving as they have been here. I understand that with the film industry there are changes to schedules and that the occaisional cancellation is to be expected but I as I have said 3 out of the last 4 events I attended have had MAJOR cancellations. It has now become impossible for me to take any promotional statements from ME as credible. I would suggest that only guaranteed guests be advertised. If I wanted I could advertise an event being attended by a
  6. I must admit that I agree with you - there appears to be no compensation for the loss of the "Selling" guests. The big hype at 7.6 and the chaos of buying the tickets on the basis of two guests that are no longer attending and no compensation - name another industry that gets away with that? The loss of the main attraction at other events would have been a breach of contract and the offer of refund - not here. I am disgusted by the contempt that sci fi fans are shown.
  7. Does anyone out there have a friend that happens to be a major Stargate actor? If so contact showmasters....
  8. I refer you to the statements I gave in the cancellation of Ben Browder. I appreciate that other guests have been added but it is a rather weak line up. I have just had to work 168 hours in two weeks away from home to get off for this. To say I am disapointed would be the edited version.
  9. I can understand on rare occasions there can prior commitments but I think that sci fans get a raw deal due to their fandom. The actors and actresses need to remember they are only a "Star" if they have a fans and a following. I often think that sci fi fans create a rod for their own back by continually putting up with cancellations and poor etiquette. I understand that booking for a single guest may seem risky but perhaps the fan is showing more loyalty than the guest. Two events I attended the main guest cancelled the day before - both were flying in from the US but didnt inform
  10. Perhaps I am little old fashioned but with these fan events I have seen "Stars" announce on facebook, twitter and their own websites that they are cancelling long before it is announced here. A recent example being someone who agreed to perform at a theatre - was given star billing and advertised before actually informing showmasters that they wouldnt attend. Perhaps I have higher morales and decency but I move heaven and earth to meet my commitments and promises. It takes an extremely good reason not to fulfill my obligations. When I cant meet my obligations I inform the people concerned
  11. Farscape Freak - I can understand your disappointment and I have been quite critical, in my other posts, but these are enjoyable events. As I have said I have been disappointed 3 out of my 4 last events and that has finally worn thin with me but since you have already paid the Lions share of the costs you should come a long anyway. I am sure you will enjoy it but since there is no refund for cancelled guests - a rather unique set up in my experience - I will no longer be booking until the week before in future. As for the concept of substituting the "Headline guests" at the last minut
  12. Of the last 4 showmasters events I have attended 3 have had a major cancellation at short notice. The continual idea of pushing guests to the next event and expecting the fans to pay out again in the hope of meeting them is starting to wear thin. I am sure many fans save up and carefully select the event to see the guests they most want to meet - this cannot be good news for many. I hope that they do get some replacement guests and as always the fans will make them welcome and make the best of it but I wont be bothering paying up early anymore.
  13. As I have mentioned elsewhere it is disappointing that the themes were announced so late - I am working away from home till the Wednesday night before the con. As I wont have time to rustle up an all new costume set but will have to make do with what I have lying around but I will try. :S As for the meet and greet/cocktail party - most people seem to go casual or in a stargate costume but I always dress for the event and then change for the first party. I wore a white tuxedo to one and last time I wore a traditional scottish outfit but each to their own.
  14. The reason people make a fuss about the parties is it is an intergral part the whole experience. It allows people show off some of their own efforts and imagination and gives a great talking point for con goers to relax and mingle. I am a Stargate fan but my wife is not so the parties rather than the talks are the things that make her weekend. Although she might not always dress for the guest photo's she always has a themed outfit for the parties. You can look at it this way - the parties are advertised as included in the ticket....so why arent they organised? Think of other events lik
  15. As I normally enjoy the parties - especially when they have a theme announced with a reasonable timescale. I am seriously disappointed. I'm glad I dont run my work like this! I normally buy Gold for my Wife and I but since they cant be bothered to organise the parties, I cant be bothered to book any further cons with Showmasters!
  16. Less than 4 weeks........
  17. darkrecall


    Still waiting for info on hotel prices. I have always gone gold but am starting to lose faith in the organisation of things. No party themes for 7.7 and now no hotel code or indication of room prices for 7.8........come on this is the information super highway!
  18. Hi Lee, I agree with a lot of what your saying - at 7.6 they swapped the themes for Friday and Sunday round! I had a great costume for Friday Lt George Hammond ala 1969 but then they swapped at short notice and I ended up using my Indiana Jones which was really only a chill out costume I dont see the problem with announcing them early - just ask for suggestions when the forum is opened and rig a vote! I enjoy all the costuming and as Lee said it makes for a more enjoyable event. I do put a fair bit of effort into research and economical purchase and manufacture for my costumes
  19. Come on Showmasters! 38 days to go, of which I am working away for 21 days including coming back a day before the event ! Give us a clue so I can get some outfits organised!
  20. Friday night "Stargate baddies". Goauld, Lucian alliance, The trust etc Saturday night "Stargate Atlantis homecoming" A party to celebrate the return of Atlantis to earth...All the better if we get a couple of SGA guests lol Sunday night "Other Sci FI" Party. Anything other than Stargate but with a connection to the guests or Stargate or even a connection to the sets or locations perhaps....
  21. Just wondering what the party themes will be this time? Time is marching on and it takes time to make or organise outfits so give us a hint.....
  22. Have already bought my tickets for 7.7 and am keen to book my hotel room as we are travelling a distance..... Any idea when there will be a hotel code available?
  23. I am certainly staying for the Sunday night party and I have a costume all set up for it lol
  24. In the best traditions of Colonel Jack O'Neill........ "Sierra Golf One calling Sierra Mike..........is anyone at showmasters receiving me, over?" "Any information regarding party themes required, over" Hey Carter, for crying out loud, is this thing turned on? Doh
  25. Since we are now the next event on the itinary.......and there are only 70 days left till the first party ......any hint of the party themes
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