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  1. Come on Showmasters give us a clue what the party themes are to give people the chance to get organised with costumes.....
  2. Would be good if showmasters would let us know the themes in plenty of time so we can get organised with costumes.... How about Friday...."Stargate future" - costumes and uniforms for another incarnation of stargate Saturday...."Intergalactic conference" - best attire for greeting aliens at a Stargate offworld base. Sunday nights quiz could include a "Best other Scifi" to allow you to highlight your other scifi outfits - with perhaps a small prize for best original costume...
  3. Just a comment on the beer prices.....the bar they set up at the entrance to the party area didnt have draught beer, only bottles and only little bottles at that. I normally only drink good quality brown beer so have usually planned a beer bottle carrying device in my party costume. For the ladies a fashionably large handbag is a wise financial accessory lol
  4. Quote.... Claudia Black. Alaina Huffman Ming-Na Elyse Levesque Julia Benson You may have noticed a theme emerging, but us guys do need something to cuddle up to in the photoshoots as well. INDEED!
  5. Unfortunately I have too many costumes - the penalty forbeing an ebaying airsofter I suppose lol. When I was storing my costumes in the loft I stumbled on another costume that has never been to a con so it will be in the running for 8.0 given the right guests.... As for what is in the packing list for 8.0 I always have one or two costumes that even my mate Brian doesnt know about until I wear them to a party or a photoshoot or even a guest signing :) I did enjoy the John Sheppard black costume you wore on stage and had to laugh when you put the sunglasses on :)
  6. I'm not much of a dancer but I agree that it wasn't the usual stuff from the previous Chevrons. In the past there was a topic for the party music perhaps we can get that up and running and the chosen DJ can be directed to the forums for a bit of insight?
  7. Like most people I like to get my Hotel booked early on to ensure I am in the Con Hotel... Any word on the code for this? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just to save people scrolling down. This is the link to the hotel page on the website, check here for the code, it will appear there as soon as it is ready.. it is the safest way to book the venue hotel rather than independently http://massiveevents.../info.php?venue Rhianydd
  8. I enjoyed the Sunday quiz at 7.9 and wouldnt mind the theme for it to be "Other Sci Fi" sort of ties in with some of the questions lol As for Friday night perhaps a Baddies themed night would work for all three incarnations of Stargate. Saturday night, as the main party night, should be something to encourage some of the guests down to join us......I am open to suggestions
  9. Well speaking for myself I got through 13 costumes this time and that was with only 4 guests....guess I'm going to need a bigger car lol. I have 2 costumes that have never seen the light of day plus a good 7 or so I havent used recently so thats a good starting point, me thinks, but I think ebay will get some abuse as soon as my bank balance recovers....
  10. Now that Showmasters have more experience of the venue I would certainly hope this is better organised. The disorganised frenzy that was the last Chevron should not be repeated. This very topic was discussed at length on the 7.8 forum immediately after the event, I hear plenty of excuses why it cant be done but if they only have one entrance the entry times should be staggered. Gold should be 5 minutes before silver and silver 5 minutes before standard. Only the appropriate ticket holders should be allowed to assemble outside the immediate entrance having passed through a showmasters check
  11. I have been to a few Chevron Gold Receptions and was at the last one at this very hotel. I will warn you that all drinks are rather expensive and there are no "Con" cheapies - in fact the bar prices at the main bar downstairs are extortionate (even for London) and feature a stiff service charge. The upstairs bar that was used for the parties was, again, over priced and lacked any sort of selection to speak of - in fact there wasnt even any beer or lager on tap. A single spirit and mixer was about £9 plus service charge. I have consumed alcohol around the globe and made a bit of a hobby of
  12. My first ever chevron was when Michael cancelled the first time followed by the next big cancellation which was Chris Judge and Ben Browder - shelling out quite a bit of money on a possible line up is getting a bit stupid.
  13. I agree that it is getting a little close now and no further guest announcements. It is understandable, to a degree, that they are a little preoccupied with DSTL but this Chevron is a regular earner for showmasters. I am working away from home till the day before the event so I would like to sort out my costumes ASAP and these are selected to be appropriate to the guest. There certainly should be something up soon. My wife and I booked gold at 7.8 based on a one guest announcement for 7.9. I wont be doing that again - if I go at all.
  14. The picture of SG1 show's the "Offworld olive drab" costume, Raidens costume was aimed more at replicating the "Woodland costume" as worn by the security forces in Cheyanne mountain or one of the other offworld teams. Other uniforms seen in SG1 include but are not limited to: Tricolour desert with "Wep jackets" and MA1 Jackets Black BDU and "Wep Jackets" Blue Garrison Green Garrison ACU Marpat SGA wore: Mid Grey BDU Marpats Black BDU Custom "Dickie" Grey and tan uniforms Urban Digital SGU wore: Desert Marpat Custom Black Air Force ABU's Most people who have see
  15. David Hewlett Claudia Black Robert Carlisle Julia Benson Cliff Simon Julia Benson......did I mention her already Peter Kelamis - I know he was at the last one but he was a great laugh and the Scottish contingent will be properly stocked for beer this time...... Jill Wagner...... In fact just as many chatty guests as we can get :)
  16. darkrecall


    Have showmasters any thoughts on this? I always try to get a costume to match the theme so the more notice the better please.....
  17. I have attended 4 chevrons and am still chasing Michael Shanks since the first one. The thought that a stargate guest may be passed over to secure someone from another TV show to potentially increase numbers concerns me. If I wished to attend a mixed signing event I would, but, I spend a not inconsiderable sum of money twice a year for Stargate. I'm sorry if other show's dont have the fan base to have a con of their own but to dilute the guest list in attempt to lure others in will merely alienate myself and other fans. I am sure some people would think a strip tease or a lapdancing secti
  18. I'm afraid that the more non Stargate guests added the less likely I am to attend. I have never watched Sanctuary except once to see what it was like so if they tried to add more guests outside of Stargate then they would be a couple of golds down. I attend for a Stargate weekend not a TV mixed show event. I would agree Robin was a good sport and was popular with the ladies but it was Amanda I wanted to see....
  19. It is a pain. I am working nights on a boat that has limited periods of phone reception and the Satellite phone has such a time delay people get confused as they dont give time for the reply... Will just have to get up early and wait for the signal
  20. In SGU the marpat and the ABU's are standard, as were the woodland marpats in Atlantis. In SG1 O'Neill etc wore WEP jackets which werent standard US military for the time nor were the Olive drab trousers which were an older pattern. For a really comprehensive guide to SG uniforms check out www.scifihero.net Just click on the stargate page and spend many an evening learning things you didnt think you needed to know lol
  21. Hi there, If you are looking for a cheapish SGU uniform I can recommend the USAF ABU(air force battle uniform) Its the one that looks like a digital tigerstripe. You can pick up the shirt for about £15 on ebay and the trousers vary from £20 to £35 but I just wait for the stuff to come up cheap - plenty of time till the con. Another option is the desert marpat which can be got on ebay - the copies are fairly cheap..... I have got most of the uniforms (sad I know lol) and just wait it out on ebay and grab them cheap - takes a bit of perserverance and time but I got my mates gear chea
  22. Any word of this? Whats the idea....a signing event or a con of its own? Really up for this as a weekend event...
  23. With regard to seat numbering and the confusion this may cause.....Do the same as many seminars/conferences and weddings do - put a plan outside to show the numbering/groups and where they would be seated. We all have to refer to the programme to see where and when things are so I dont think it will be a struggle to add another poster to show the layout of the hall.
  24. As a long time Stargate fan I found it hard to get into and only really appreciated it when I watched the repeats. I agree that the total lack of humour was unfortunate and the fact that they were pushing for SGU to the detriment of the SGA when it was on air did them no favours. I watch a lot of sci fi and the first season should have been more about surviving and aliens- not about whiny character development which is better left to occasional episodes later in the season. I also found the ability to use the stones to bring in the experts and allow journeys home removed some of the edge.
  25. I can understand people getting frustrated with buying a gold ticket and ending up well back from the stage. I buy a gold for myself and my wife who has poor vision. If we cant get near the front (even with low numbered tickets) she doesnt attend the talks as she is unable to see the guests - she has tried looking at the side screens but these arent always clear to her. Since the tickets are numbered why cant the seats be numbered too? If Showmasters wish to reserve some seats for those with disabilities why not make two of the aisle seats on each row for this purpose....even seperate the
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