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  1. Aww, man! I love Back to the Future! I was re-watching it on Sky Movies the other day... *shakes head* It gets better everytime!
  2. I was really clever and didn't actually specify what I wanted tickets for... My friends had a good laugh about that one!
  3. Eeek, I just emailed to reserve my tickets... I hope they haven't sold out! I would have rang last night, but I just missed "Opening Hours" (Damn brothers keeping me waiting in Blockbusters...*grumble*) and I was too impatient to wait until Monday... Couldn't give us a clue as to how many tickets are still left could you SM?
  4. Oh yes I'm all for Craig!!!! Specially asI missed out on him last time!
  5. Plus he was is DishDogs! That film ROCKS! Yeah he seems like such a genuine guy - I'm bummered that I missed him in Brum! It would have been so easy for me to have bumped into him! lol! Good suggestion, I'm liking it!
  6. OMG... so close!! I think you had the right idea! Watching all 3 in one... god sore bum!
  7. OMG I LOVED IT!!! how can you say it was boring?!!? lol! The story really meant something to me as it was all about holding onto memories and my best friend is moving to Australia and I never want to forget her! lol! I thought it was amazing! And Jim was so GOOD! Let's nt forget Kate - I didn't even remember she was British until AFTER the film because her American was perfect!
  8. I would LOVE to see the likes of Ian McKellen, Ian Holm, Liv, Sean B, Karl U, David W, Bernard Hill... etc... I admire and respect them all. And I'd like to meet them just as much as Elijah, Dom, Sean and Andy!
  9. I SAW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Sean was amazing! "The things like thit." And the chandelier... omfg hysterical! I'm definitley buying it on DVD when it comes out!!
  10. Aww man that sucks! You guys... we were going to go as Dom and Billy! We still can but you know... we wanted it to be unique! Couldn't you go as Merry and Pippin?
  11. OMg that is AMAZING!!!! You look FANTASTIC! *hugs* I love you!
  12. This sounds like SUCH a good idea! I was going to suggest Hey Ya - because that reminds me of Elijah and the boys as well! Crazy stuff! Let me think about the song I would like on there... OMG!!!!!!! The Safety Dance song that's on the Hobbit Safety Dance thing?!?!
  13. Bugger I'm going ot miss it as my Dad won't give up the TV due to the Rugby. He could go upstairs and watch the rubgy on the normal TV but he won't!
  14. Woot! Our first Goonies guest although I agree... GIVE US A REAL GOON! Thanks so much Showmasters - Joe is a GREAT guest!
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