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  1. we aim to please :) you can add me on facebook lorraine "BADGES" pettman from my pro you can then add your self to our MKG facebook page :)
  2. look for us "The MKG" stand collecting for Great ormand street, we are all pro's at getting in and out of that armour and we are happy to help anyone especially fellow trooper, you can come get changed with us , we dont mind, a stranger is only a starnger untill he's a friend maybe you could join our group? its free to join :) can never have enough troopers x will look out for you both at the show :)
  3. as a regualor at the sets that do costumes for charity i can safley say there will be somewhwere where there will be alot of us getting changed together, so it shouldnt be a problem for you x what costumes you doing?
  4. I know patience is a virtue BUT COME ON ALREADY this con is creeping up and I'm so excited to know who's gonna be there Please announce THE GUESTS I KNOW IM GOING BUT WE NEED SOME REAL STARS OH AND WE LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS FOR EVERYTHING :)
  5. anyone from Game of Thrones or how about some LOST guests as i sadly missed them at the last show they was at (especially CHARLIE) Im guessing robin williams is too big a star, but would still love to meet him hes is like a god to me as is Stephen King - the one person the world i thought i'd never meet if you could get him that would be life time making :) Oooooooo and i just thought how about the guys from The big bang theory how i met your mother or true blood?
  6. this con is creeping up think its time showmasters announce somebody please x
  7. i was the BLONDE princess slave girl - if anyone wants to add me on facebook feel free Lorraine Pettman (loz) im usually seen around the con with a rasmus hoodie thats covvered in badges with a shaun the sheep bag covered in badges on my back Im a part of the MKG chairty star wars group now :)
  8. Without prejudice and just my humble opnion: I know it can be dissapointing when you meet a star and they aint what you expect but they are only human Christopher is an older gentleman now and was always very shy i think we have to appreichate age and condition, overall health and life style before we go "bitching" about how crap they made us feel, the only one in charge of your feelings is you its up to you to make the experience posative for yourself yes we all know and most of the "stars " also know without us they'd be nothing but then again without them we'd have nothing to love and no reason for the shows in the first place we need each other and should respect each other the same way as i say just my opnion i personally had a great show and a fab time i didnt meet christpoher personally but i was happy to be able to see him in person and when he even glanced over and saw me in my own awe of him he smiled at me :)
  9. we have all ours on the wall in plain clip frames while at the con we use the sleves which most ppl have they about £1 - £3 depending where you get them from but you can put them in anything we took a book one year and slotted the autos inbetween the pages
  10. Silly Question but i met Alex at CM17 she was lovley but i didnt get a personalisation as she was soo busy by the time we got there, if i took my pic with me to lfcc would i have to pay again to get the qoute added to the already signed pic? silly question but if you dont ask you dont know ?
  11. yoiu all know as fans the next guest for this to happen has to be Keith sutherland what are the odds? still dreaming? maybe? i know your spoiling us already showmasters but then again you dont ask you dont get
  12. Hi Liam, I have been going to cons for 7 years now and its easy to get used to it, just be safe, if you feel overwhelmed get hold of a crew member they can help , you cant miss TOOTALL he is like 7 ft tall but as they say the crew are all friendly and helpful as are most of the people at the con :) my biggest advise Be sure to bring a camera along with you some of the lesser busy stars your able to have your pic taken with without a photoshoot so they make nice memories:) and dont forget to come along and say hi to us all - im a member of the MKG and we take pictures with ourselves and you with your camera for free (tho if you can spare a little change for our great ormond st childrens hospital chairty that would be nice ) we get all dressed up in star wars gear (again you cant miss me ill be BLUE and have a lightsabre and there are many others that dress up in costumes that your sure to love and want pics with most of all have fun and dont be worried to ask questions your among fellow geeks here see you sat BADGES x
  13. Merry christmas and thankyou for giving all us geeks a life and hobby fulfilment lmao seriously tho thanks guys we love you all xx
  14. How About Sam Witwer Or Clancey Brown Terence Stamp Callum Blue Colin Ferguson Lexa Doig Nathalie Cox Mark Hamill Kevin Conroy Adam Baldwin Ron Perlman David Hyde Pierce Tim Curry
  15. What about having Sam Witwer as a guest With Him you get Smallville, Star Wars, and the US being human all in one
  16. ok i know about the carpark it was the fact that the dates shown here for the show are listed as something else on the olympia site
  17. Was just wondering after looking on the olympia site to check the parking situation, the show is not listed on their site instead of the show it lists a running convention anyone know whats going on
  18. Good one But has anyone else been watching Mongrels on BBC 3 hope the pidgen dont find out LOL
  19. MK GARRISON TOTAL for GOSHCC £1,016.
  20. Dominic Monaghan!!!!!! i have missed him every time even being there i got like ticket 600 and something and he only got to9 350 ish by 4.30 pm the day id gone to see him so PLEASE get him back also Stargate - Rodney Makay????????? also, also: Neil Patrick Harris Matthew Fox (anyone else from lost) ANYONE FROM CSI and/or Fringe Russell Howard Stephen King i know but i can dream and as i was told by a sm crew member, if u dont ask you dont get so there you go I ASKED!!!!
  21. MK GARRISON braved all 4 days we were lucky to share space next to the Macmillon Klingon & slave girls, We was collecting for the hospital and took great pleasure swapping pics and backgrounds girls i know your pain and coldness, (i was the blue Tew'liek) and i braved the cold in the Slave leah on the friday, but we are what we are, dedicated to the cause and you, as did we all, had a brilliant time, raised some well needed cash, and as always a great laugh a fantastic time all round, and would like to say thankyou once again to the stars who gave there time (and in some cases there own cash) towards our cause id post our pic but i dont know how :S
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