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  1. I am, said the one that was beautiful lol! Hoping to meet Jeff Kober, Giancarlo and William Atherton :) is much better when it's quiet, actually getting to chat to guests and browse without being cramped :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  2. Lovely! Reservoir dogs is one of my favourite films! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  3. HooooOoooooOoooo forumies! Hope we are all having a fandabbydosey Friday night! Just wondering when the cut off date is for this months CMK? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  4. I still think the fact that its two guests at the same time would suggest they're better known together or as a duo, such as Pegg and Frost or a duo of that type. Ta, Che-Snake :)
  5. For me it's probably Ozzy Osbourne. 'No posed pictures' they said. Pretty sure everyone there got a picture... Ta, Che-Snake :)
  6. Gavin Hammon aka Kenny from The Walking Dead games (and Furby!) is dying to come to the UK to meet fans and he's super nice :) hintedy hint hint Ta, Che-Snake :)
  7. Fancy telling me who you reckon on an external site as not to kick up a fuss? My twitter is CatchNCause Ta, Che-Snake :)
  8. I reckon it's Carrie Fisher, I'll be happy with her or any WD guests :) Ta, Che-Snake
  9. So seeing as she appears to be moving over for a few months, why not pop her an invite? Ta, Che-Snake :) http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/star-wars-7-carrie-fisher-to-film-scenes-in-london-9182519.html
  10. Yeah i've been to SM cons quite a few times and the 10x8's are lovely, but I don't wanna risk Ian not having the one I want And y'no I came across that website but thought it was only signed photos, they've got some cracking pictures! Thanks! :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  11. Hello forum users! Got a question for y'all! Im looking for something shamazing for Ian Mcdiarmid to sign! There's a specific image of The Emperor id like, or a montage image that I often see stalls selling at cons (my other half got an amazing Darth Maul one). So my question is does anyone know where I can buy nice Star Wars prints or stills? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  12. He's gonna be busting ghosts in that big ol' place we go! Real shame as massive loss :/ sleep peacefully buddy! Che-Snake
  13. Me personally, maybe just a 10x8, however my misses is a huge fan and yours truly got her the super limited edition breaking bad blu-ray method barrel box set, so Im thinking she'll get that signed! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  14. Brilliant! :) any chance of a Judge Dredd panel? :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  15. Very sorry to hear that! all my best to you and his family! Xx
  16. Peter Mayhew also had a seat next to him as he was in his wheelchair :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  17. Still hoping for good old Andy Lincoln will tickets be on sale then too? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  18. Oh i agree! Just felt it was a bit of a off to beat down a simple suggestion with a sarcastic comment, when the suggestion was there to benefit the situation. Ta, Che-Snake :)
  19. Y'no sarcasm really doesn't suit you david I'm simply suggesting an option. Whats the harm in that? Ta, Che-Snake on the contrary sarcasm suits david very well!!! When it's not used to take a dig at someone, i'm sure it does Ta, Che-Snake :)
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