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  1. Gonna throw this out there, what if by Guest, it means Guests. Like an entire cast or something. Theres something to keep you going until the announcement! Ta, Che-Snake
  2. I'm still going for either Jason, DavidB, or myself. Ta, Che-Snake
  3. As the title suggests, try and get Mr Adlard please! Met him a few weeks ago, such a charming guy! Plus i'm sure he'd be bombarded with sketch requests over the weekend! :) Ta Che-Snake :)
  4. LOL! Well if your guess is right i'll buy you a drink Ta, Che-Snake
  5. That's the sort of responce I was after :) thanks! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  6. Any update on this? I hate to be pushy and I know it'll be confirmed when its finalised etc, but he's one of the main guests for me in this show so any tiny info would be great. Ta, Che-Snake :)
  7. As the title reads, he's apparently at an American convention the same weekend as CM19. Any word on this? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  8. Apparently Peter is booked at an American convention this weekend? Can this be clarified? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  9. I've just seen it :s can this be clarified? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  10. Where have you seen that? :s Ta, Che-Snake :)
  11. Anyone from Dredd! After having Karl Urban last year, maybe Olivia Thirlby? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  12. Anyone from Dredd! After having Lena Headey last year and Karl Urban at LFCC, maybe Olivia Thirlby? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  13. Having been at a show he did last year, he didn't look the steadiest of fellows, so I wouldn't be shocked if he was sitting, and it would certainly be understandable. After i posted that id seen pictures of him recently, i kind of realised the answer lol. Anyway, will probably get one anyway :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  14. Might sound stupid, but will he stand or sit for photo ops? :s Ta, Che-Snake :)
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