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  1. Should have done this sooner if you ask me, but at least it's being implemented now.
  2. That's all well and good but this isn't global, it's LFCC related.
  3. Will hazard a guess at a British based promotion, similar to what they did in India.
  4. They would have been announced in the photo purchases list if so, still plenty of time I guess. I heard it was just Bulk and Skull only that would be doing group shoots.
  5. My guess is Jason David Frank with either Amy Jo Johnson or Austin St John
  6. Liu Kang sent him back to the Underworld didn't he?
  7. He played Knepper in Phantoms? Was watching it on BBC2 last night and noticed he was in it.
  8. It would be 50 years next year, the film was released in 1964.
  9. Has he been a guest at an event?
  10. Thank you - Yes, when I made that post the title of the episode wasn't in the post. And whether I was a fan or not, I'll definitely go now in the hope that my attending will ensure coro doesn't get a space. Seriously, how rude some people are!! Unable to make it anyway, so hope you don't deprive some other poor soul of going just to spite me.
  11. There's a big clue from the episode title itself, you should remember what happens,and when it happens if you've seen it, the scene is quite memorable.
  12. If you don't know from the title then clearly you're not a fan, and shouldn't be queuing to take the potential space of a fan who'd like to go to this.
  13. I like how the thread title has been edited from the last time I checked though, intriguing. When Jason mentions they need permission from USA, he's referring to HBO, yeah?
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