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  1. Totally understand where you are coming from. I appreciate your help B
  2. Hi there.. Omg really.. Didn't think I'd get a response..dark brown hair beyond the shoulders... Very smily..?... Please if you don't mind that would be brilliant.. Thank you in advance
  3. As it says in the title she attended all 3 days smiling and very friendly we had a picture taken together on the Sunday afternoon outside the room where Sigourney Weaver was signing.... I was crewing...
  4. Mona from Germany... Are you out there im Ben we had our photo taken together on the Sunday outside Sigourney Weaver signing room. I was crewing....
  5. Superted

    Parking Problems!

    Its now listed on there... you might wanna check out www.parkatmyhouse.com just got a space for just over 10 quid and only a 10 min walk away!!
  6. Superted

    Midlands Collectormania

    Great stuff Can't ask for much more than.. that! cheers and see you Sat.. AM!! very early!!
  7. Superted

    Midlands Collectormania

    Hi there.. Not done a show here before.. is there FREE parking on site for Crew? or will we have to pay..? Thanks.. in advance Ben
  8. Superted

    Ninja Wendy

    Wax On Wax Off.. Its Karate Kid 5!!!
  9. Superted

    Midlands/Autographica Crew emails

    Thank You Guys.. For keeping us updated. hope HUB 2 went well. ) See you all soon Ben
  10. Superted

    Midlands/Autographica Crew emails

    I don't believe they have gone out yet, with having so many shows everyone has been busy Kool Kool.. ;o)
  11. Superted

    Midlands/Autographica Crew emails

    hi there one and all.. just wondering if you had sentout any mail with ref to wether or not we will be working collectormania midlands? thank in advance Ben aka Twix
  12. Superted

    Fire Next to me work

    dudeett..i toolive npton.. but wrk on moulton ind est.. no going home for me early ( .. hopefully see u at CM MK this weekend. Ben Aka Twix
  13. Superted

    C14 Crew e-mail delay

    Hello Hello ... Ben Johnstone Here.. I am away from next week for a couple of them... so could miss the email you send out I am available for all of the Sat and Sun but would need a room Sat night if possible,, I will try and access my emails whilest away,, but i am in the darkest depths.. of France.. thanks
  14. Superted

    Noooooo - My Camera Died...

    JESSOP Abington st SHUT. JESSOP Abington SQ.. OPEN>.. about a 10min fast walk.. from the hotel head for abington street and walk to the very top and cross the road... and its on the left anthoer 200yrds
  15. Superted

    Free Car Parking at Ricoh for crew!

    I spoke to a lady at the Richo stadium who wnet away and checked and said that as a crew member if we saw someone from SM on the day(s) of the event we would be able to get a pass allowing us to have free parking at the stadium. Can anyone confirm this at HQ as I am seeing on here that there is a charge of £3 being mentioned. thanks in advance it would be good to know so i can :- 1/ take change if i have to 2/be able to offer other crew members a ride to and from the event.. thanks again